I am Trisha Trixie

I am a Unicorn. I am a Pegasus. I am a Phoenix.

I have walked through fire and not been burned. I have risen from the ashes to be something great, magnificent, fabulous.

That phrase seems odd to say as my Cancer keeps raging back in my Life. That is why I have this group about my Cancer Journey. IF you would like to follow along, join here. No matter what I desire to give others hope, myself included. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1721969028126627/

I am an author. I have written one book as a memoir to showcase the life traveled with my mother in the 70’s called Days of Corn Tortillas and my second book Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising. My transformation story and tips and tools to help you overcome the obstacles in your life and be the fabulous people you were meant to be…yourself! https://www.facebook.com/FallingIntoFabulous/

I am a Speaker. The EmpowerMentor™. I empower others through my books, my stories and my life.

I am a Toastmaster. I have been in Toastmasters, since 2016. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster. I have completed my Competent Communicator, Competent Leadership, Advanced Leader Bronze, and my High-Performance Leadership Award. I love to share my message about Toastmasters as much as I love sharing my message about overcoming. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ToastmastersInternationalMembers/

I am a model. Mostly I love to do PinUp, the 1940s, and 50s, but am open to Gothic, Western and really any style and just love the art of modeling as a whole. Trisha Trixie Model Page

I am a Passive Expertise Princess. I am the Passive “Expertise” Princess™. I teach you how to take your “Expertise” to Create Residual (Passive) Income via E-books & E-Courses with TrishaTrixie, the Passive “Expertise” Princess™. http://thepepclub.rocks

I am Ms. Courage™. I help inspire and encourage women  (and men) all around the globe to Be Brave, Be Fearless, and to remember to have Courage in all they do! Ms. Courage Facebook

I am a Manifestor of Miracles™….I have been through enough studies, courses, and certifications to know how to properly use the Law of Attraction for what I desire and not only accomplish my goals and dreams, but also how to manifest miracles I couldn’t even have imagined! Juste Etre. Just Be.

I am the Founder & Big Sister of The Good Of Sisterhood on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/thegoodofsisterhood/ 

Where our mantra is:

“Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood. These are the real women who know that we need each other’s love and support to survive in this world. Love is the essence of being a woman. We must be that light of love that seals the bond and unique beauty of our sisterhood.” -Bindu

I am a Sprinkler of Fabulousness…I love life! I savour it! I relish in it! I love it with every fiber of my being. I feel that life is meant to be lived! I think that happiness, kindness and love can and needs to be spread all around! I do this by being a Sprinkler of Fabulousness. I sprinkle fabulous everywhere I go! Find me on Twitter @TrishaTrixie

I was a Om Yoga Strap Creator. I made fabulous & fun adjustable fabric yoga straps to carry your yoga mats and to be used during your yoga practice! (Strapitom)

I am a Fashion Designer. I made over 14,000 masks during the pandemic of 2020 and donated them to my community, first responders, nursing homes, hospitals, cancer centers and more! I also have made unique fashion aprons for men and women unlike any other. I make vintage inspired apparel for pinups and those who love that life and style. www.trishatrixiedesigns.com

Through my life as an Entrepreneur, I have learned many things, many tips, many tools, and many ideas. I want to share all of them with you! Ask me anything. If I can’t find it or figure it out I will tell you. If I have a connection, I will give it to you. If I have a referral, I will send it your way. Many say my life is too full, but I say my life is well lived. I savor life. I devour life. I live my life for me. I am who I am.

Most of all, since my Cancer keeps wanting to rear its ugly head, I have started my Legacy of Love. The idea is not live forever, but to leave a Legacy of Love that will. https://www.patreon.com/mylegacyoflove https://www.facebook.com/groups/mylegacyofloveproject

I believe in being a Starfish Saver and share my journeys here https://www.facebook.com/groups/starfishsavers/

I desire to help others to Live the Live You’ve Dreamed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/livethelifeyoudreamed/

Every year I put on Heart-Filled Seminars where the messages are all meant to leave you Heart-filled after the event and in your life! https://www.facebook.com/HeartFilledSeminars/

The last thing I want to leave with you is really the prize you get for reading this far. You must have really wanted to learn about me and know about me. While I am Trisha Trixie and embody that name, in the past year I have felt another name and persona calling me to become who I truly am…Serafina Samadhi. To know more, please click on the link to find out who Serafina really is.

I am me.

I am Trisha Trixie.

Greetings from TrishaTrixieLand by Imagitography

If you came to this page looking for Trisha Trixie Designs, we have moved.

Please click the link for Trisha Trixie Designs

If you would like to reach me please use the contact form below. Make sure to check the authorization box or it won’t send. I look forward to hearing from you!


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