Design with the Fabric in Mind

Design in mind. Being a newer designer and not being a designer that had gone to school I did not know that I was supposed to be thinking of the fabric first. I merely design. I draw out what I like then think about the fabric later. As I have grown into my design business I have learned that this is not the way the professionals do it and also that many times this is not the way it CAN be done. I have had many great designs that could not come to fruition because the fabric I had intended on would not work with the design I had intended for it. There are just some fabric that just won’t do what a designer wants it do to do. You then either have to change your design or change your fabric. I do not know about you but I hate having to compromise my vision either way.

Think before you design.

Know your fabrics.

Know your design.

Design with the Fabric in Mind. Only then are you able to create the most loving, wonderful garment that could and will be cherished a lifetime over.

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