More Vendor Planning Lessons Learned

When I did Vendor Planning years ago the market was such a different market. For one we did not have Facebook that people would expect to message you on and reach out to you. Honestly I wish I could turn off FB Messenger just for that reason. It is not a viable way or means of reaching out to someone as not everyone uses it and some people never look at it.

Also, back then everything was handwritten contracts and checks. Now I am happy that the internet allows us to use Paypal and Square to make that more seamless as I can’t even tell you how many bounced checks I would get or how many people would show up saying they would pay me on that day and then never would.

But still, even with those issues, I would rather be back in that time of Event Planning. I used to plan Weddings, Birthday Parties, Office Parties, Launch Parties and Vendor Parties. It was so different then. The people were different, the expectations we different, and for vendor events, the vendors were different.

Nowadays we have the younger generation of vendors who have entitlement issues expecting that they just show up, paly on the phone and people should WANT to stop by their booth and buy from them. This is not the case. You need to be proactive. Just showing up does nothing. Stand up. Greet your customer. Look ready to do business with them. If you are playing on your phone you are not prepared to meet or greet them and they often will just walk by you. The person next to you who IS engaged and proactive will end up then getting that business. That is not the vendor next to you’s fault that you don’t know how to get a customer or a sale.

Every vendor show I have recently done has allowed me to learn a new set of rules, ideas and thoughts abotu teh shows tht I want to share with you because I feel honestly, maybe people just don’t know these things.

None of these are a personal attack on anyone, it is merely lessons I learned and things for you to take note on.

Vendor Kids and Babies:

Having your child stop by, having them sit with you for the first hour, or the last, this I understand.  Vendor kidlets need to stay home otherwise. If your child is old enough to have their own mini booth or help you do sales, that is a different issue. I used to go to the Swap Meet at 8 years old and help my grandpops. Children get ancy,  babies cry, these are all human nature for their age. I understand about them being children.  However, a vendor show is not the right venue to bring them because it stifles that child in them. Even a 4 hour show is a LONG time for a child to have to try and be quiet, most especially a baby.

I understand there are issues and reasons why you can’t, but professional courtesy is to tell the planner your situation if you really have no one else or if the husband is away. It makes it easier for the planner to combat off remarks from guests or vendors.

Replacement Vendors: Even if you have everything covered with the planner, it is up to each new vendor to reach out and connect. Not only is it professional it assures you and the planner that you and they have everything ready for you and there are no surprises with tables  not being there for you. Another planner I spoke with this week said she doesn’t even allow replacements. I think this rule is something I need to adopt as well. This last show I had THREE replacements and one didn’t even tell me it was going to be someone else until they showed up.  As a planner, make it clear what you allow because this can get sticky. Believe me, I know.  I have had to deal with the aftermath of this situation since this last show because of it.

Toil Trouble or should I say Toilet: If you are at an event, don’t use wads of TP. Also, don’t use a vendors toilet for your Teet from the Seat time or (sorry to be so blunt) use it to take the dump of a lifetime. And if you clog it up, be mature enough to say so. A floor full of water and an out of order toilet doesn’t help the rest of the vendors, or the guests who are trying to enjoy the show. Guests have to go home to or someone else to facilitiate themselves, they walk out with the business they were going to give you. 😦

Be Prepared: Not every vendor or craft show has tables and chairs. It is up to you to have those items for yourself. Always bring them with you EVEN IF the vendor says they have one for you. Then in case there is a mishap, one doesn’t get held for you, or there is a miscommunication,  you are covered. Also make sure you have your tablecloths, swipe card and a back up if wifi isn’t working or if they don’t have it. Have receipt books, or use the new Offline Mode. It is up to YOU to make sure you have all the things you need for business.

Vendor Space: Abide to your vendor space. If you pay for one spot, don’t bring a load of stuff and push your way into another space. If you need to bring a drill and two men to set it up for you, then you might have too large a space for a small event. That style of setup is more geared for an EXPO not a small Craft or Vendor Show. Also, if you have to move things around so you can fit, please be respectful and put things back they way you found or at least let the vendor planner know. I spent a lot of extra time putting things back because vendors moved them around. Your booth should be able to set up and take down in one hour. Planners often have to pay for the extra time for set up and tear down and often that cost is nto relayed to you. If it was your $25 booth would have been, $50 or $100. Please be respectful of their time and respectufl of other vendors space as well.

Spot Reservations Special Needs or Issues: If you have a tall banner, a tall back drop, are allergic to scents, or need or desire any special access, please make sure to tell the planner of that ahead of time. Showing up the day of and asking to be moved creates hardships. It is better to know beforehand.

Not happy with your surroundings? If you say nothing then you are not allowing the planner to help alleviate the problem. Please be open with the planner and talk to them about your issues. If you feel like you are not being heard, SAY SO! Say “I feel like I am not being heard” Then we or I would at least say ” What may I do to help you feel you ARE being heard?” and then we can try to alleviate it. Please don’t drone on complaining. Complaining for the sake of complaining gets no resolution accomplished. No one ends up learning anything and then both parties feel frustrated and harsh words can be said on either side.

Also, please go directly to the person you have an issue with. do not go to your upline and complain. Go to the planner. If you are mature enough to have a booth and sell at a show, you should be mature enough to handle the situation on your own. If not, do me a favor, don’t come to my shows. Seriously. I expect vendors to be mature and respectful. I expect them to be able to handle their own battles. I expect them to get their own sales. It is not my job to sell their product for them. That is on them.

Lessons, Classes, Training: I realize some people don’t know how to sell, are just starting out, don’t know things like standing up at your booth looks better than sitting down, I get it. You may be uneducated when it come to how to run a great booth. I will try and have some suggestions and such on my blog, but also consider there are MANY resources at our disposal now and MANY for free. Google things, research, take E-Courses, learn from Kat Rocketship at Make/Break classes, or look on You Tube. go to networking or local seminars where they teach you those things. It will make a difference in not only how you present yourself, the brand you are representing or your own brand, but it will also change the amount and value of your sales.

I apologize if this post in any way seems snarky. I have tried to re-edit it as many times as possible. This last show wore on me so much that I seriously am thinking about getting out of the Vendor Market after my next upcoming show. The positive I got out it was the lessons I learned that I am trying to share with you. Perhaps I am not coming across the best in this post because it was quite frustrating to me. I am not trying to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. I feel these things need to be relayed and said so others can learn from them too.

I wish you all well and hope these things are helpful to you in any way possible.

Until Next Time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie



Market to Market: Oh Where Do I Market?



Many people want to know: To Market to Market, Where do I Market?


Well, here is a list of where I do some Marketing and Advertising and how to do them per their request. If you have any others to share not on this list, let me know.

Also remember many require an Actual Press Release so prepare that first. (and by the way I found out the hard way MailChimp Lists are NOTTTTTTT the way to go because then they unsubscribe AND they won’t post them or share if thye are not in Press Release format)

Remember some places require a Press Release. Prepare PR FIRST, then go down list What means required to contact Form or Email
Name of Place Link Email
Travel Iowa
Catch DSM Form
Info at Iowa Tourism Email
DM Register Form
Eat Play Love Des Moines Form
Downtown DSM Form
Dish on DSM
Weclome Home Des Moines
Life 107 Form
Iow aLiving Form
DSM Nite Out Formn
Around DSM Form
Craiglist FORM
MyAbc% Submit Story Idea or News
DSM Mag/ BPC Bus Record
Juice Sarah Day Owen
Ames Daily Tribune
Publisher Geoff Schumacher gschumacher@amestrib,com gschumacher@amestrib,com
Editor Alexandrea Hayne
Cedar Rapids Gazette-Des Moines Bureau Des Moines Bureau Chief Rod Boshart rod/
The Des Moines Register
Editor Rick Green
Senior News Director (investigative reporting) Randy Brubaker
Senior News Director (politics/state reporting) Carol Hunter
Exec. Business Editor Lynn Hicks
Senior News Director (digital/multimedia) Julia Thompson
Metro Communities Editor (metro/iowa) Kathy Bolten
Iowa Life Editor Tim Paluch
Exec. Sports Editor Bryce Miller
Iowa State Daily
Editor in Chief
The Times Delphic
Editor in Chief Lauren Horsch
Faculty Advisor Jill Van Wyke
Altoona Herald Index
Publisher  Amy Duncan
Editor Adam Wilson
Ankeny Register and Press Citizen
Publisher Amy Duncan
Editor Prggy Nichtals
Publisher/Editor Shane Goodman
Dallas County News
Editor Allison McNeal
Des Moines Business Record
Publisher Janette Larkin
Editor Chris Conetzkey
Sr. Staff Writer Joe Gandyasz
Sr. Staff Writer  Kent Darr
Staff Writer Kyle Oppenhuizen
Iowa Bystander
President, CEO, Publisher Jerald Brantley Sr.
Associate Publisher Gaynelle Narcisse
Record Herald and Indianola Tribune
Publisher Amy Duncan
Editor Adam Wilson
The Madisonian
(Norwalk) North Warren Town and County News Publisher Steve Klein  Editor Sally Huntoon
Assiociated Press
News Editor Scott McFetridge
Lee Enterprises News Bureau (Quad City Times, Mason City Globe-Gazette, Muscatine Journal, Sioux City Journal, Waterloo Courier) Bureau Chief   Mike Wiser
Radio Iowa
News Director O. Kay Henderson
Catholic Mirror (Monthly)
Editor, Anne Marie Cox
Central Iowa Business (Monthly) CEO Jim Slife
dsm  (Quarterly) Chairperson Connie Winer  Editor Christine Riccell
Greater Des Moines Intro (September and March) Publisher Connie Winer Editorial Director
Greater Des Moines Jewish Press  (bi-monthly) President Barb Hirsch Giller (only email I could find for them)
Iowa Gardening (Quarterly)
CEO  Jim Sife      Managing Editor Beth Wilson
Iowa Golf Magazine (Seasonal) CEO Jim Slife
President/ Publisher Rick Thomas
The Iowan (Bi-Monthly)
Editor Beth Wilson
DBStv Ch.16-46 Drake University
KCCI Ch. 8 – CBS
Assignment Editor Tom Torpy
General Manager Paul Frederickssen
News Director Dave Busiek
Asst. Program Director Sue Knudson
KCWI Ch. 23-CW
General Manager Ted Stephens
General Manager Daniel Miller
Director of Administration Kristine Houston
General Manager Mike Wilson
Business Manager Marsha Theis
WHO Ch. 13 – NBC
General Manager Dale Woods
News Director Rob Peterson
ABC 5 (formally WOI tv 5)
Vice President and General Manager Russ Hamilton
News Director  Scott Frederick
KASI 1430 AM (Talk Radio)
General Manager Joel McCrea
News Director Trent Rice
KAZR Lazer 103.3 FM (Active Rock)
Program Director Ryan Patrick
News Director Kate Garner
KBGG 1700 AM (Spanish) Program Director RW Smith
KCCQ Channel Q 105.1 FM (Adult Alternative)
Program Manager Greg Chance
KDFR 91.3 FM/89.1 FM Ames (Inspirational)
Operations Manager Larry Vavroch
KDRB The Bus 100.3
Program Manager Greg Chance,
KHKI  The Hawk 97.3 FM(Country)
Operations Manager Jack O’Brien
KGGO 94.9 The Rock That Rocks (Classic Rock)
Operations Manager Steve Brill
KIOA 93.3 FM (Oldies)
Program Director Tim Fox
News Director Pam Dixon
DSM Planner Guide
KISS 107.3 FM (top 40)
Program Director, Greg Chance
KJJY 92.5  (country)
Program Director Andy Elliot
KLTI  Lite 104.1 FM (Soft adult contemperary)
Operations Manager/Program Director Scott Allen
News Director Kate Garner
KPSZ Praise 940 AM  (Christian)
General Manager Jeff Delvaux
KUNI 101.7 FM
Bureau Chief Jeneane Becl
News Director Jonathan Ahl
KRNT 1350 AM (Nostalgia)
Program Director Chris Chandler
KSTZ Star 102.5 FM (Hot Adult Contemporary)
Operations Manager Program Director Scott Allen
KWKY New Life 1150 AM (Christian Talk)
Executive Director Mike Peters
KXNO 1460 AM (Sports Talk)
Program Director Van Harden
News Director Jim Boyd
WHO 1040 AM (News Talk)
News Director Jim Boyd
Program Director Van Harden
WOI 90.1  FM 640 AM (News Talk)
News Director Jonathan Ahl
News Room
Iowa Politics (non partisan)
Business Cheif Lynn Campbell
Silicon Prarie News
Fairs and Events

What Helped me get from Fragile to **FABULOUS**

Many people who know me, know that I have undergone some dramatic, hard and unbelievable trials and adversity in my life. I was very fragile when younger and even in my twenties up to my thirties…I believed I was a victim and though I was still smiling, underneath I had NOT released those insecurities and thoughts that were weighing me down.


After a VERY hard breakup that nearly tore me apart, I fell…Rock bottom I went. I had hit rock bottom before and if you think you CAN”T hit it more than once, well you are WRONG. Sadly, you can. After losing my children, being homeless, and many other things I couldn’t deal with it all. But with a pal who allowed me to run away to Oklahoma for awhile and get my shit together, I made it back again. So when it happened again, I needed to do the same and another dear friend allowed me to come to Colorado and escape for awhile.


After having the time to focus on me, get some healing and go through some rejuvenation of self, I was able to come back to reality. But friends love and care and encouragement was not enough for me. I am a Self Help Book and Course lover and found through this time in my life these things that helped me through.


One may not work for you, two many may be overwhelming. None of them may work for you. I am not saying they will. I am merely saying, these are the courses I took and the things “I” did that helped me. I want to share them, share my love and share my life with others so that perchance they may overcome and be the FABULOUS person they have inside them and let the world see that person.

Here is the link to my page which shares the links to all the places and the fabulous people that were a part of my journey that led me to here.

Out of this came… Brave Girls Club. I learned to overcome the idea of Victim and it helped me to build my character as a human being. I wept, I learned, I grew.

This transitioned into learning more about Full Moon Boards from Jaime Ridler at Ridler Studios. The Jen Allen at Right Brain Business Plan had us to visual mappings as entrepreneurs to get us in the right mind frame.As the year progresses I learned more and more about canvases, books, boards, etc for Visual Inspiration. Through the teaching I found Carolyn Rubenstein’s A Beautiful Ripple Effect and started gathering quotes and pasting them with mod podge like a mad woman for more inspiration. I joined Goddess Leonie’s circles and made Visual Permission Slips to see every day. I followed Danielle La Porte’s blog and print and post her words at work, in my car and at home for encouragement. I started following Brene Brown’s Ordinary Courage and took her words and put them in my SOAR journal as we as the wonderful writing and learning I gathered from my SOAR class itself.

Then the universe led me to Stephanie St. Claire and Blissbombed. After  hard break up and an uncertainty I couldn’t bear, I followed her blog, read her old blog and gladly signed up for the Daily Note Card to hear her words. I took her Bad Ass Broad Workshop and it was the best thing for me to kick me ass into gear and get me back on track with my life. And yes, I even made a Bad Ass Board to keep her words in my head at all times as well as a Hell No and Hell Yes Board from her blog of the same.

as well as an artist doing Challenge through Willowing

and The Summer of Color

I took the colors from SOC and applied them to the Monthly Challenge I was doing on Willowing.

BY going through these courses, reading these words, have them emailed to me daily or weekly, pouring myself into the courses and challenges really worked for me. Even if you are NOT an artist, doing small things to unleash your creative side would surprise you how healing it is.

I am SO very thankful to all these people who spend their time doing things for good to help others.

My life would not be the same with out it…

and I would not be the person I am today!

Meetings & Conventions

I signed up for this site and newsletters because I do a lot of Tradeshows and this year a majority of my focus is on conventions and Expos. I was always told

if you want to do it like they do in the big leagues you have to think like a big leaguer.

So, I happened upon this site when I did the Home and Garden Expo this year and though it is a tad bit more robust than what I need right now, I think it is a great jumping off point for seeing how others in teh the industry higher up are doing it.

Here is the site 

I alos like this Group from LinkedIn

Party Plan Companies Networking Club

Party Plan Companies Networking Club

I am waiting to be approved by a group that I think will also help, but someone of these groups are very private so not sure if I will get in

  • TradeShowExperts


    Membership Pending
    Either way The Meetings and Conventions site I feel is well worth checking out. See what you think and if you find anything else or other Meeting and Convetion or Expo Groups and links, comment below. I would love to see what you find out. 🙂
    Until Next time,
    XoXo Trisha Trixie

Group it Up: Facebook Groups

As a part of so many variety of ways I market myself, seek out vendors for my shows and advertise, I have had a number of people ask me for the information. This list is constantly growing and changing so in the future I will try to keep it up to date for you all but for now, I thought some of you might be interested in a sample in where I look for Vendor Shows to have a booth at, where I post about my upcoming shows and other Groups I am a part of for connections.

As a hint, if you keep in mind to search for the types of things you are selling or looking for, then you will get a great idea of groups to join and be a part of. These are only FB Groups today. I will share my Linked In and other groups I am a part of on another post.

Name of FB Page to share Event info Link for Fb Page
Vendor Shows For Consultants/Crafters/Vendors
Mavens, Models , Moguls & More
Vendor Shows for Iowa only
Central Iowa Vendors
Upcoming Gigs Shows
The Referral Marketing Network
Unprofessional Development
DM Art Share
Made by Hand Crafters
Anime I Con
Iowa Music United
Handmade DSM
DM Buy Sell Trade
Craft/Vendor/Bridal Shows in the Midwest
IA Vendors and Crafters Listing
Norwalk Buy/Sell/Trade Group
Iowa Home Based Business Consultants Directory
Illinois-Iowa-Missouri Direct Sales Opportunities
Direct Sales
Direct Sales (DSNF) Promoting, Networking, Recruiting and Sharing
Promoting Direct Sales
Des Moines Art Share
I’m a VENDOR, I need a EVENT
Greater Des Moines Buy/Sell Trade Group
Des Moines Ia Classifieds
Strictly vendor events no advertising- Iowa
Des Moines Business Mixer
Home Consultants & Small businesses of Iowa20+
DSM mom blog

Of course, as I said, these are jsut a few of the groups. Go into the Facebook Search area and Search





Direct Sales



(Then also look for groups with your local name in int)

De sMoines, Norwalk, etc..


Hoe these ideas help ya out!

If you have anything to add, let me know. I love to hear back from ya!

Until Next Time,

XOXO Trisha Trixie