Trixie Tabloids: Vendor Show Lessons

“If they didn’t put it in the form, their loss. So thanks. I am sure all the other vendors I would have been able to help promote their business thank you.”

Sadly, I think not. But I DO have boundaries and I have to draw the line somewhere. This was a snippet of an email I had to recently send out to a vendor for a show I was planning. For my shows I have a Universal Form that each vendor must fill out. This is used for a myriad of things of which I will explain:

Recently I had an issue with a gal who did not give me any link at all. I asked for her link and she only gave me the NAME of her Business and told me where to go find it. I replied I did not have time for that and needed HER to give ME the link. Sadly her response was rude and disrespectful and I ended up giving her money back and removing her from the show. Which was harmful to HER not ME because she even told me she was just starting out and did not have anything on her Etsy page yet and had no Facebook page. Had she just entered her Etsy page in the link, I would not have had to go back and forth to try and chase down this information from her. We would not have had this exchange and she would have received promotion on the event page and been able to be at the show to make some money. Her loss, all the way around.

Lesson Learned: I now will no longer chase after vendors trying to get this type of information from them nor other things that might be needed. If they don’t give it to me. OH well. Their loss. I hate to be that way, but I also hate and will NOT tolerate rude or disrespectful behavior from others.  The Vendor List helps me keep track of each vendor and information to help promote them. I actually had to ask this from 4 vendors and luckily the others were obliging. But of course, there had to be one i the mix who now has ruined it for all. Lessons Learned. Thank you Universe.

Lesson Learned: I will no longer chase after payments. If they miss their 24 hour window to pay, I move on. This lesson came because I also had to chase down payments from some people and I now will no longer do that either. If they don’t pay when I send them the link, their loss. It is not my fault the email is in their spam folder and they don’t know to go check it. Lessons Learned. Thank you Universe.

So why do I need the form? Let me explain below:

  • Business Name: This helps in the event that two or more distributors from the same company ask to join my show. Since only one distributor from an MLM or DS (Multi Level Marketing/ Direct Sales) company can be at a show I have to make sure I don’t double book. With this list I can go through the list and pick the first , let’s say Younique, distributor and give them a chance for payment of the show. If that person opts out or doesn’t pay, then I go to the NEXT Younique or MLM/DS vendor, and so on.
  • Which Show: The list allows me sort my shows by the Data/Sort Range function. Since I do multiple shows, I can sort and see how many vendors I have as a running total each time I sort. Again, so I don’t over book. My upcoming shows only will fit enough for 20 Vendors. If I did not keep track somehow, I could end up booking 40 vendors for one show and then I would have no space. Which then would result in a lot of upset vendors and thus looking bad for me and my business.
  • Category: This also allows me to see each category of the vendors applying. Planners try very hard not to book too many of the same TYPE of vendor. When guests comes to these shows they expect a variety, so I wouldn’t want to end up booking all 20 as Jewelry. By seeing this category I can make sure I don’t do that.
  • Basic Info: I ask for their name, email, phone so I know who they are and so I can reach them if there are any issues. I can’t tell you how many times this has been useful. Mainly the phone, which people hate to give you. I have had to use that phone number , however, MANY times to call a vendor to ask where they were when they were late or did not show up for a show. It is also useful however, in case a payment is lost or for us to converse to answer any questions the vendor may have. This is just basic info but extremely useful and helpful.
  • Web Link, Etsy and Facebook Page: Now to the part that seems to be the one the Vendors perhaps do not understand. I ask for their website, Etsy link or other link and if they have a Facebook page to add that link as well. The purpose of this is a SERVICE I DO FOR THE VENDOR. It is to help promote them and their business. If they do not fill it out, they miss out.
  • Special Requests:  Too many times I would plan out where vendors go and the day they get there, they end up telling me they need a wall or corner space. This helps me know ahead of time so I can plan it out and give everyone what they need or as close to it as possible. Plus lately I have had a few Wheelchair requests and that is important to know, so I can make things accessible for them.
  • Signature: They  must type their name and date in teh line. Since this is an online form, when they do that is lets me know they have read and understand the rules. Of course, you still will have vendors who shrug their shoulders at you and say “I didn’t know”.

Note to Vendors: Please be considerate to Vendor Planners running a show. There is more than just finding a place and taking money. There is a lot of marketing, planning, Press releases, sending out emails to media, posting flyers, and tedious busy work as well as lots of promotion to ensure a good event, as well as other things that need to be done. Not  to mention the persons “normal” life they have to manage and run. We planners do the best we can to put on a successful show for you so that you can earn money, get sales and anything we may ask you to do in in desire to help everyone be successful.

Not that it matters, but to some it might….  I have over 40 vendors to deal with, plus those for new shows, the site to tend to, the vendor map to plan for people who asked for special requests, handle all the marketing, promotion, flyers, etc so we have good attendance, as well as MANY other tasks to handle, plus trying to sell my home, plan a wedding, plan a move, and tend to my business and a new StartUp Company. I was not mean or rude when telling the one gal, “I do not have time to go get her link” I was serious. Her response and attitude proved she does not respect another s time nor the effort it goes into planning shows.

If you want to see what it takes to plan a show, here is a Forum I found where they are discussing ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the many things that go into a show. I bet you will be shocked! CLICK HERE FOR FORUM

I do 90% of what is on that list. Some are for other types of shows like wedding or bridal or larger shows, yet still, it is alot.

 For Vendors who might be interested to know “What do I bring or How to Prepare?” I found this checklist for you to maybe help you plan a little better.

There are a lot more out there on both sides of the coin. If you want to, Google Vendor or Craft Show Checklist on the Vendor Side of thins. For Event Planners, Google Vendor or Event Planning Checklist.

Until Next Time,

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When given the option Fabulous



Did you know there are different Hashtags for every day of the week? Well, I knew there were some out there for specific days I wee all the time like #HumpDay and #ThrowbackThursday but I didn’t know there were SPECIFIC ones.

As I as looking for a Hash Tag for a blog post on my Personal Blog I found this post about Days of the week Hastags

I grabbed a few I think I am going to try this year and some oldies I am brigning back.

Here are the ones I am going to give it go for:

#MusicMonday – Share some music you like

#TrixieTuesday – Where I post something on my Business Blog from me

#WishCastingWednesday – This one I am bringing back. Even though Jamie Ridler doesn’t do teh prompts anymroe, I just feel like I need to reconnect to my WishCasting

#ThrowbackThursday – Post an old pic of you or something

#ThirstyThursday – Share a drink you are having or a place you are drinking

#FridayI’minLove – Share things or sites you are in love with

#FabulousFriday – Share all things Fabulous in your life. This can be a gratitude type of post too

#Caturday – Share pics of your cats

#SwitchoffSunday – Another one I am bringing back. This is when you keep your electronic life at bay and do things like READ or Go to events or play games.

#SundayFunday – This is one I may do – It is often one where someone is posting the things they are doing for Sunday, like Reading, etc or other things I mentioned.

No matter what your Hashtags of life are, the more you use the # Sign and Tag, whatever you decide, will generate traffic to the location you are tagging it from and could be good if you are trying to generate more traffic to your business.

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