Did you know there are different Hashtags for every day of the week? Well, I knew there were some out there for specific days I wee all the time like #HumpDay and #ThrowbackThursday but I didn’t know there were SPECIFIC ones.

As I as looking for a Hash Tag for a blog post on my Personal Blog I found this post about Days of the week Hastags


I grabbed a few I think I am going to try this year and some oldies I am brigning back.

Here are the ones I am going to give it go for:

#MusicMonday – Share some music you like

#TrixieTuesday – Where I post something on my Business Blog from me

#WishCastingWednesday – This one I am bringing back. Even though Jamie Ridler doesn’t do teh prompts anymroe, I just feel like I need to reconnect to my WishCasting

#ThrowbackThursday – Post an old pic of you or something

#ThirstyThursday – Share a drink you are having or a place you are drinking

#FridayI’minLove – Share things or sites you are in love with

#FabulousFriday – Share all things Fabulous in your life. This can be a gratitude type of post too

#Caturday – Share pics of your cats

#SwitchoffSunday – Another one I am bringing back. This is when you keep your electronic life at bay and do things like READ or Go to events or play games.

#SundayFunday – This is one I may do – It is often one where someone is posting the things they are doing for Sunday, like Reading, etc or other things I mentioned.

No matter what your Hashtags of life are, the more you use the # Sign and Tag, whatever you decide, will generate traffic to the location you are tagging it from and could be good if you are trying to generate more traffic to your business.

Until Next Time,

XOXO #TrishaTrixie


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