Reach Out and Touch Someone: Phone vs Text for Business

Today’s lesson comes from my favorite topics (insert sarcasm here)…

Using Facebook or other social media messaging tools  for conversations and the confusion between using them for business reasons.

Whew! That was longwinded, huh? But I wanted to get it all out, then explain.

In person, I am personable, light, fun airy, and most people say a joy to be around. (or so I am told)

However, for some reason in text, messaging etc, I come off rude, stark, strong, abrasive and offensive.


Because conversing in this manner removes TONE.

When you can’t hear the tone in a persons voice you either hear tone in YOUR head the way YOU think it sounds (probably from past experiences with others or insecurities in yourself, just sayin).

Thus I deem to share with all, please stop doing business and having serious conversations over TEXT, email, and most of all, Social Messaging tools like FB messaging etc.

If you catch yourself doing this, stop the convo and ask to call them.

I have found, however, many people fear that dreaded phone for some reason. When did we get to be such wussies about talking on the phone anymore? It’s unreal.

My niece has a great system, after a few , like 4 or more texts, she asks you to call her or she will call you. I love it. So I have adopted that rule too. however I was only using it for texts until recently.

Twice now in the past month a simple conversation has gotten into a heated convo and then frustration and in one case, ended up with the loss of a relatively new friend and business partner.

I will share, that in my opinion, the use of this was both our faults and it taught me a good lesson to not do that anymore.

From now on, if someone needs to talk to me, they need to pick up the phone. This is my new boundary. to keep these messaging devices for quick convos.

I am going to start also asking for people’s REAL email and get away from FB messaging. I wish I could shut the damn thing off. Twitter DM too. These tools were intended for quick messaging and chatting, not debates and business.

Do yourself and your business a favor…pick up the phone.

It will be good for you and the other person to hear tone and inflection as well as being able to resolve things a lot quicker when you don’t have to type to explain. It is also known facts that in person or phone calls helps us to bond better with the one we are talking to. Business or otherwise, connecting and bonding with another can help business relationship, personal relationships and help you both feel much better.

Remember that old phone commercial

“Reach out and touch someone”

well if you text instead of call you may end up wanting to

“Reach out and SMACK someone”

by the time you are done texting or messaging.

Until next time,

Trisha Trixie

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