APRIL LOVE 2016: 06 Books


Do something today that your future self

I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.

Dear Books,

You are so profound in my life that I had just had to find, make or create an image of a book with a rose or two on it for my mindfulness business. Juste Etre: Just Be resonates with this as a logo, a staple of my life as a passion for learning and growing in mindfulness.

You will never be replaced by technology as book lovers all over the globe will always honor you, hold you tightly, gently feel of you ancient pages and smell the wonder scent of old or used books.

I will never stop loving you and your pages.

Older books are my favorite but not just because they are more mature, yet because of their history, the inscriptions people leave inside you, the love and care you give to any pressed flower I put inside you to cherish and keep warm, the smell of an old book is a delight to my senses and and transport me to a journey into the past, the feeling of old ,

You old dusty pages in older books  makes me think about who may have owned the book before me, where did they read you. how did they care for you, why were they reading it-for school or pleasure, and how did they carry you and how many generations have you been passed down, did you travel or stay in America, and are you an original?

But dear books, do not fret, because I love new books too! In this tech age, I feel like I fight for you, I am willing to protest for you to be in schools and churches. I have become retro, ancient myself in my ways of desiring to read an actual book and not state at a flat little screen carrying around a tablet, that looks like something out of Star Trek. Though those online and techy table books are in style and becoming more popular, I still buy you and cherish you and add you to my libraries to be with your other friends.

I love nothing more than the touch, feel and smell of an older book. To feel it in my hands is a true delight. To physically be able to turn a page and feel the coarseness or softness of your pages.

I wonder, do you talk to each other at night? Do you tell of how great you are or do you cry that your owner does not pick you up and cherish you? Do you come off your shelf and go to the older book shelf to ask the old ones questions and learn from them so you can whisper knowledge back to your owner to be better, greater? Do you make fun of the smaller books, with less pages or do you tout about how long of a book you are or how intellectual of a book you are, sniding remarks at simple, more  unique books? Or do you all stand tall and proud, happy to be purchased, happy to be touched, used, cried on, earmarked, highlighted and written in?

These are all things I wonder about you books.

Because you are amazing to me.

You have the ability to take me to another world, to another lifetime, to a new awareness.

You have the ability to teach me so I may learn.

You have the ability  to touch my heart, my soul.

You have the ability to be a guide or an inspiration for me to not just cherish but share quotes and thoughts from you.

To me a book is something you can hold, tough, feel, smell. It is tangible. It is real.

Though others in Kindles and tablets may call you “books” to me they are but mere content online.

You will never be fully replaced by technology, because the books lovers of the worls will ALWAYS rise up i n your honor!

Thank you, dear books, for being there for me in all areas of my life from Spiritual, to Mental, to Physical to all area and needs of my life.

I love you.

I always have loved you.

I never will stop loving you.

You are amazing.

Always and forever in my heart.

The end.































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