Automation: My Virtual Assistant

I hear a lot of negativity about automation, bots, etc. I too am among those that in certain cases hate the fact that I go to respond to a comment or twitter post only to find out, the person has set up bots in their stead. However, I would not be as successful as I am without automation. to my it is my savior. To me, it is my life line. To me, it is my Virtual Assistant.

Anyone who asks me how I do it all will get my first response to BUFFER as my #1 automation tool. I have heard many other tools o the market but so far Buffer has them all beat by my standards. I have been told I should own stock in this because I talk about it so much!

I am a founder of a few businesses and I have a few social media campaigns out there. I can’t be all places at once and Buffer allows me the capability to post on all of these without having to go out to each one and post pictures and images to each.

I call it “Set it and Forget it”

I generally do this at the beginning of each month. I have ten accounts and on each of those accounts I am allowed 100 posts per account. Once those accounts have posted those 100 posts from the queue then I can start over.

Sometimes I just post 100 on each and then “set it and forget it”

Other times, throughout the month, I will get various emails here and there that have articles I like and as I open them I see things I want to buffer. I click them open, hit my little buffer icon I have added in my browser bar and then chose which social media accounts I want to buffer them too. Again, set it and forget it.

Every now and then my buffer is full or there is something I want to Share Now, so I just hit the SHARE NOW button and share it right away. this doesn’t affect my queue and it post immediately to those accounts I choose.

I do use for my Twitter for Automation as well. It helps me maintain my Twitter followers and helps keeps me engaged with them. I like it so I can follow them , tweet them and let them know I am engaged in what they have to say. Twitter is one of those sites I DO actually go to on a regular basis, but allows me the chance to keep up with the comments, tweets, retweets and followers more frequently.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with automation tools as long as you are engaging with your followers once in awhile. don’t allow the automation tools to do ALL the work.

There IS still a human behind the brand.

At least for now, right?

Until next time,

Trisha Trixie


Just Say NO

Saying No

No hedging. Be clear. You know you don’t WANT to do, so just say no. Up front.

Pay attention to when you hedge. Learn the triggers and instead say no instead of yes when you see yourself hedging

If you hedged and now want to come clean. Be open. Tell the person why you said yes but you know why the no and just be open and explain. You will save hurt feelings if you come clean then if you bail or are not 100% later on.

Powerful No: A powerful no can be powerful and help you set boundaries and priorities and stick to them

Mindful No. Be clear. Be real. A mindful No can be a helpful too for your team or partner to know your true intentions without being rude or harmful. Just honest.

A Respectful No. All of the way you say know needs to be from a soft place in your heart and be mindful, truthful and real. Speak softly. Kindly. Be honest in your speech as well.

No, Not Right Now. If you know you can help and Want to but right now isn’t the time, perhaps tell the person this and maybe you both can come to an agreement.

I understand saying no is not an easy thing, but taking care of yourself has to be your top priority and far too often we are saying yes and not tending to our own needs.

Nancy Gaines said it best when she said in a talk

“No is a complete sentence.”

That was the best thing I have heard yet.

You don’t have to give any explanation. You don’t need to say more. You can, but you don’t need to. no is a complete sentence. Just no.

Can you watch my kids? No.

Can you give me a lift to the movies. No.

Can you volunteer for the PTA fundraiser? No.

It IS ok to just say no.

there is nothing wrong with it.

It doesn’t need an explanation.

You can just say no.

With Love,

Trisha Trixie