The Rock and The Boulder

The story about a rock and a boulder.
You are walking along a path and you come across some rocks and boulder that is blocking your path.
Given the choice, if you have to move a boulder or a rock, most would choose the rock.
Because the rock is moveable.
The boulder is moveable but will take more effort to move. You may need more manpower, you need more tools to move the boulder, it’s just harder. Given the option and knowing the rock can move and most likely will move, the choice comes back to the rock. Does that mean moving the rock is the best choice? Not always but sometimes. The least amount of effort is also required and sometimes that just what you want. However, you may not know this but the biggest payoff might actually be to move the boulder. You may not know that or want to know that. ON the other side of the boulder could be a clearer road, a paved way for others, and by moving the boulder you create a more beautiful clearing than thought possible. All you know is the rock will most likely move because it is less hassle and it is more moveable.
Others may also have a better vantage point and have had to move a boulder. If asked, they would tell you why the boulder is a better choice. They may have had their own boulders to move. Maybe the reason the boulder is on your way now is that someone else didn’t take the time either so you have to keep moving rock after rock because the boulder never got moved, it actually created a landslide of rocks.
Take heed.
Don’t always assume moving the rocks are easier.
Consider moving the boulder.
Think outside the box.
Ask yourself this,
What would happen if I moved the boulder?
The rocks will most likely move. You are correct.
As long as the boulder is there until someone moves it most likely will still be in your way.
Xoxo~Trisha Trixie