Candle (Smoke) Reading


Have you ever had a candle reading? Have a question in mind over the phone or in-person and I will do a candle reading and interpretation to help assist you to answer. If no question, we will let the flame of the candle do the work.

Candle Reading are done with an Open Flame and a piece of paper. Caution is considered, though the preferred method is in an open area.

Capnomancy or Smoke Reading refers to divination by smoke.

Static capnomancy is performed by burning a candles and reading smoke marks as static images on a piece of paper and passing an article such as a white paper through the smoke

The smoke and soot marks left on the paper are then divined as images, somewhat in the manner of reading tea leaves or coffee grounds or Nordic egg divination. Candle (Smoke) reading are often cast for questions directed to or regarding love, luck, money, protection,etc.

We use a White Candle for higher awareness, protection (from the material plane). Used for centering yourself because you are not distracted by color; Used for Meditation for inner peace, Spirituality, and attaining a higher power. White is also used for truth, new beginnings, peace, and wholeness. White is a substitute color for all other colors.