April Love 07 Dear Rest


Dear Rest,

At times you elude me. Most of the time you elude me in fact.

There is no rest for the weary…

But Rest is more than Sleep.

Rest is being content

Rest is allowing yourself to have a break, to take a load off.

Rest is putting your mind, body and soul at ease through meditation.

Rest is a music note, asking to take a break.

Rest is a time for refreshment.

Rest is to stop movement.

Rest is to cease working.

Rest allows you time to recover your strength.

Rest means ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.

Rest is also an object that is used to support something.

Rest is but a small word, yet means so many amazing things.


verb: rest; 3rd person present: rests; past tense: rested; past participle: rested; gerund or present participle: resting
  1. 1.
    cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.
    “he needed to rest after the feverish activity”
    synonyms: relax, take a rest, ease up/off, let up, slow down, have/take a break,unbend, unwind, recharge one’s batteries, be at leisure, take it easy,put one’s feet up; More

    • allow to be inactive in order to regain strength, health, or energy.
      “her friend read to her while she rested her eyes”
    • leave (a player) out of a team temporarily.
      “both men were rested for the final game”
    • (of a dead person or body) lie buried.
      “the king’s body rested in his tomb”
    • (of a problem or subject) be left without further investigation, discussion, or treatment.
      “the council has urged the planning committee not to allow the matter to rest”
    • allow (land) to lie fallow.
      “the field should be grazed or rested”
      conclude the case for the prosecution or the defense in a law case.
      “the prosecution rests”
  2. 2.
    be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position.
    “her elbow was resting on the arm of the sofa”
    synonyms: lie, be laid, repose, be placed, be positioned, be supported by

    “his hands rested on the rail”
    • place (something) so that it is supported in a specified position.
      “he rested a hand on her shoulder”
      synonyms: support, prop (up), lean, lay, set, stand, position, place, put

      “she rested her basket on the ground”
    • (of a look) alight or be steadily directed on.
      “his eyes rested briefly on the boy”
    • be based on or grounded in; depend on.
      “the country’s security rested on its alliances”
      synonyms: be based on, depend on, be dependent on, rely on, hinge on, turn on, be contingent on, revolve around, center on

      “the film script rests on an improbable premise”
    • place hope, trust, or confidence on or in.
      “she rested her hopes in her attorney”
    • belong or be located at a specified place or with a specified person.
      “ultimate control rested with the founders”
noun: rest; plural noun: rests; suffix: -rest; suffix: -rests
  1. 1.
    an instance or period of relaxing or ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.
    “you look as though you need a rest”
    • a motionless state.
      “the car accelerates rapidly from rest”
      synonyms: a standstill, a halt, a stop

      “passengers queried why the train had come to rest several miles before the next station”
    • MUSIC
      an interval of silence of a specified duration.
    • MUSIC
      the sign denoting a rest.
    • a pause in speech or verse.
  2. 2.
    an object that is used to support something.
    “a chin-rest”
    synonyms: stand, base, holder, support, rack, frame, shelf

    “she took the poker from its rest”
    • a support or hook for a telephone receiver when not in use.
    • a support for a cue in billiards or pool.
Old English ræst, rest (noun), ræstan, restan (verb), of Germanic origin, from a root meaning ‘league’ or ‘mile’ (referring to a distance after which one rests).
noun: rest
  1. 1.
    the remaining part of something.
    “what do you want to do for the rest of your life?”
    • the remaining people or things; the others.
      plural noun: rest
      the rest of us were experienced skiers”
      synonyms: remainder, residue, balance, remaining part/number/quantity, others,those left, remains, remnant(s), surplus, excess;

      “the rest of the board members are appointees”
verb: rest; 3rd person present: rests; past tense: rested; past participle: rested; gerund or present participle: resting
  1. 1.
    remain or be left in a specified condition.
    “you can rest assured she will do everything she can to help her”
    synonyms: remain, continue to be, stay, keep, carry on being

    “you may rest assured that he is there”
late Middle English: from Old French reste (noun), rester (verb), from Latin restare‘remain,’ from re- ‘back’ + stare ‘to stand.’

So rest on my friends.

Allow time in your day to rest.

Schedule it if you have to.

Your soul depends on those moments of rest to be the strong, beautiful, powerful you that you are.


Take time for rest. To at lest close your eyes for a moment, Breathe deeply and re center yourself as many times as needed throughout the day!

Until Next Time, Namaste,

XoXo TrishaTrixie


APRIL LOVE 2016: 06 Books


Do something today that your future self

I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.

Dear Books,

You are so profound in my life that I had just had to find, make or create an image of a book with a rose or two on it for my mindfulness business. Juste Etre: Just Be resonates with this as a logo, a staple of my life as a passion for learning and growing in mindfulness.

You will never be replaced by technology as book lovers all over the globe will always honor you, hold you tightly, gently feel of you ancient pages and smell the wonder scent of old or used books.

I will never stop loving you and your pages.

Older books are my favorite but not just because they are more mature, yet because of their history, the inscriptions people leave inside you, the love and care you give to any pressed flower I put inside you to cherish and keep warm, the smell of an old book is a delight to my senses and and transport me to a journey into the past, the feeling of old ,

You old dusty pages in older books  makes me think about who may have owned the book before me, where did they read you. how did they care for you, why were they reading it-for school or pleasure, and how did they carry you and how many generations have you been passed down, did you travel or stay in America, and are you an original?

But dear books, do not fret, because I love new books too! In this tech age, I feel like I fight for you, I am willing to protest for you to be in schools and churches. I have become retro, ancient myself in my ways of desiring to read an actual book and not state at a flat little screen carrying around a tablet, that looks like something out of Star Trek. Though those online and techy table books are in style and becoming more popular, I still buy you and cherish you and add you to my libraries to be with your other friends.

I love nothing more than the touch, feel and smell of an older book. To feel it in my hands is a true delight. To physically be able to turn a page and feel the coarseness or softness of your pages.

I wonder, do you talk to each other at night? Do you tell of how great you are or do you cry that your owner does not pick you up and cherish you? Do you come off your shelf and go to the older book shelf to ask the old ones questions and learn from them so you can whisper knowledge back to your owner to be better, greater? Do you make fun of the smaller books, with less pages or do you tout about how long of a book you are or how intellectual of a book you are, sniding remarks at simple, more  unique books? Or do you all stand tall and proud, happy to be purchased, happy to be touched, used, cried on, earmarked, highlighted and written in?

These are all things I wonder about you books.

Because you are amazing to me.

You have the ability to take me to another world, to another lifetime, to a new awareness.

You have the ability to teach me so I may learn.

You have the ability  to touch my heart, my soul.

You have the ability to be a guide or an inspiration for me to not just cherish but share quotes and thoughts from you.

To me a book is something you can hold, tough, feel, smell. It is tangible. It is real.

Though others in Kindles and tablets may call you “books” to me they are but mere content online.

You will never be fully replaced by technology, because the books lovers of the worls will ALWAYS rise up i n your honor!

Thank you, dear books, for being there for me in all areas of my life from Spiritual, to Mental, to Physical to all area and needs of my life.

I love you.

I always have loved you.

I never will stop loving you.

You are amazing.

Always and forever in my heart.

The end.






























APRIL LOVE 2016: 05 Intution


Dear Intuition,

I met your friend Empathy, when I was still a teen. I didn’t know what it was, yet I knew how it felt. When I asked my mother, why could I literally FEEL what other people were feeling, sh replied “That is because you are an EMPATH and you have the ability to not just know or understand what others are going through, you can FEEL what they are feeling and are able to connect with them. That is your intuition of feelings for your fellow person.”

I was a mere 14 at the time and was dumbfounded by this and really struggled with understanding this and knowing how to handle it. As I grew older in age, I started realizing things from here to there that I was more AWARE of those feelings as well as KNOWLEDGE about things in my life that made me learn and grow and SEE things before others did. I just KNEW when I was pregnant with my first child within the exact moment it happened. When I told my mother this, she said ” Ah INTUITION has arrived to the party!” At a mere 19 going on 20 now, I felt still unsure about what all of that meant.

Through the years as I aged,  more and more I because very AWARE of things. I could feel it in my gut, my heart knew the answers before I did, and my hands tingled when I sensed things.

Ah, yes this what INTUITION must feel like.

  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
    “we shall allow our intuition to guide us”
    synonyms: instinct, intuitiveness; More

    • a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.
      plural noun: intuitions
      “your insights and intuitions as a native speaker are positively sought”
      synonyms: hunch, feeling (in one’s bones), inkling, (sneaking) suspicion, idea,sense, notion;

      informalgut feeling, gut instinct
      “this confirms an intuition I had”


I KNEW things before others did. It was like a feeling inside me that I knew without a shadow of a doubt, even though I would have NO facts to support my claim. But I just KNEW it! I would INSIST that I knew it even! (premonitions, hunch)

I would have these “uneasy” feelings about things I was unsure of  or just knew they were wrong or at least not the right thing or answer for me. (hunches, gut feelings of queasiness)

In business, I had HUNCHES about which tradeshows to go to, which people to or not to do business with, I would see red flags in my head, trying to warn me of danger or someone or something that would or could harm me. (Sense, notions)

It was like the universe was nudging me to make leaps and jump into things. (Inklings)

I would have that “sneaky suspicion” when others were lying to me or not telling me the whole story. (suspicion)

I would stop in my tracks because I sensed something, like an animal who in the middle of walking would just STOP, LOOK AROUND, AND PAUSE before going on. (Sense)

I IMPULSIVELY jump into business deals, hiring someone and pivoting my business on a  dime. (notion)

I would know the answer before someone could answer. When we were asked to call family this past January, immediately I knew my mother in law had passed away. I knew at 3 am in the morning that my sister’s dog had died in the kennel after need diabetic medicine. I knew our house sold before we actually heard the news. I didn’t know HOW I just KNEW.(Premonition)

I have a STRONG business INSTINCT of who to do business with or when to take a deal or move forward in my business. (instinct)

All of these are you, my dear friend INTUITION, yet it took some time before I really knew you were there, until I fully believed all those things I KNEW and FELT.

Doctors and therapist are amazed at how SELF AWARE I am. They may not see things I do and at first disagree then I will tell them I am SURE of my ailments or issue before they even take xrays or get back test results.

When I was young, I felt you were a curse. It was almost too much to bear to have all this knowledge and insight and feelings and senses so readily available and surrounding me. In my 30s and 40s, now, I relish in the joys of you. I welcome you with open arms and embrace you in a warming hug that I never want to let go.

But it wasn’t until 2011, when I was 41, that you fully came to live in my home, in my heart and in my life. Once I truly saw you and accepted you and understood, you have been there fully ever since.

I have Brave Girls Club to thank for that. The Soul Restoration I and II course that I did with Melody Ross and her sister Kathy explained my soul to me so well that I was able to see you, hear you, touch you and embrace you in my life, fully, whole-heartedly and completely.

Now, I protect my soul house fiercely!

Now I know when I need to listen to the Soul Restoration and Soul Strength playlist to reconnect me.

Now I know my soul and my intuition have united!

I cherish you and now KNOW when you are not there and when I need to connect with you again because I yearn for you when you are gone and miss you. At times, I am running in circles, and dealing with drama and chaos and then you show up again SUDDENLY waving your arms in from of me TRYING to tell me things or to warn me.

You are my love, my life my soul.

Thank you for showing up in my life.

Thank you for helping me shine.

Thank you for never giving up  on me.

Thank you, to the Universe, for this lovely gift we call “Intuition”



Trisha also does Intuitive Counseling, Candle Readings,Tarot Readings, Energy Work, Mindfulness Maven, Guided Meditations, Art Therapy and Envisioning Vision Boards.

To find out more about her services, please go to the Services tab in this website. While you’re there, feel free to look around at what other amazing gifts she has to offer!

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APRIL LOVE 2016: 04

Dear Morning

Dear Morning,

Good Morning!!! Hello all you fabulous people! Get up getup, It’s a GREAT morning! Life is wonderful. I am grateful for everything I have good or bad. The bad helps teach us, strengthen us. The good is a blessing and a gift. Thank you universe, Mother nature, higher power for this beautiful day and everyday after that. ❤

Wave away my yesterday

(Adios yesterday and all the days before)

‘Cause I’m leaving it behind me
Hello sunshine, come what may
I feel something new inside me

(Everyday brings something new, a clean slate for a new day and a new life)

I hear the birds singing

(I love to hear the birds sing)

Now my alarm’s ringing
Get up, get up, hey

(Hey everyone, get up morning is beckoning you)

It’s a good morning
Wake up to a brand new day
This morning
I’m stepping, stepping
Stepping on my way

(My feet hit the floor, dancing and swaying, a huge smile on my face, YES! I made it to another fabulous day!)

Good morning
You give me strength
You give me just what I need

(Everyday I have renewed strength to overcome anything that comes my way and celebrate every success that happens)

And I can feel the hope
That’s rising in me
It’s a good morning

Slow down, breathe in
Don’t move ahead
I’m just living in this moment

(I love each moment, I savour it and cherish it, always)

I’ve got my arms raised, un-phased
Jump out of bed
Gotta get this party going

(Morning dance party, anyone, anyone, Bueller?)

I went to bed dreaming
You woke me up singing
Get up, get up, hey

(I wake up every morning, singing the praises of life, love and happiness)

It’s a good morning
Wake up to a brand new day
This morning
I’m stepping, stepping
Stepping on my way

Good morning
You give me strength
You give me just what I need

And I can feel the hope
That’s rising up in me
It’s a good morning
Good morning

Now I’m smiling, and I’m kissing
All my worries goodbye
Got the feeling, if I spread my wings
I might even fly

You are my truth, my way
Give me the strength to say
Get up, get up, get up
‘Cause it’s a good morning

Mr Mac to the mic

Hey, top of the morning to you, ‘Disa
You smoothie, me ice cold pizza
Cafe au lait, latte dah
You do the zumba, but I do not

Give me like half a marathon
I’ll give you the gospel of St. John
Hits me like a wake up bomb
‘Cause we both know that His mercy flows
In the morning

Wake up to a brand new day
This morning
I’m stepping, stepping
Stepping on my way

Good morning
You give me strength
You give me just what I need

I can feel the hope
That’s rising up in me

It’s a good morning
Wake up to a brand new day
This morning
I’m stepping, stepping
Stepping on my way

Good morning
You give me strength
You give me just what I need

I can feel the hope
That’s rising up in me
It’s a good morning

Top of the morning to you, ‘Disa
Hey, top of the morning to you, girl
To-to-top of the morning to you, ‘Disa
Morning little miss sunshine

…Man, you morning people
No, I’m serious

(Yep, that’s me! The every hour person! Mornings, afternoons, evenings, late nights, every minute, every moment life is wonderful & I will cherish every moment and every breathe and every morning for a wonderful chance at a new life, each & every day!)


(Photo by CTF Foto, Model, Trisha Trixie)

Until next time,


Trisha Trixie

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