Reach Out and Touch Someone: Phone vs Text for Business

Today’s lesson comes from my favorite topics (insert sarcasm here)…

Using Facebook or other social media messaging tools  for conversations and the confusion between using them for business reasons.

Whew! That was longwinded, huh? But I wanted to get it all out, then explain.

In person, I am personable, light, fun airy, and most people say a joy to be around. (or so I am told)

However, for some reason in text, messaging etc, I come off rude, stark, strong, abrasive and offensive.


Because conversing in this manner removes TONE.

When you can’t hear the tone in a persons voice you either hear tone in YOUR head the way YOU think it sounds (probably from past experiences with others or insecurities in yourself, just sayin).

Thus I deem to share with all, please stop doing business and having serious conversations over TEXT, email, and most of all, Social Messaging tools like FB messaging etc.

If you catch yourself doing this, stop the convo and ask to call them.

I have found, however, many people fear that dreaded phone for some reason. When did we get to be such wussies about talking on the phone anymore? It’s unreal.

My niece has a great system, after a few , like 4 or more texts, she asks you to call her or she will call you. I love it. So I have adopted that rule too. however I was only using it for texts until recently.

Twice now in the past month a simple conversation has gotten into a heated convo and then frustration and in one case, ended up with the loss of a relatively new friend and business partner.

I will share, that in my opinion, the use of this was both our faults and it taught me a good lesson to not do that anymore.

From now on, if someone needs to talk to me, they need to pick up the phone. This is my new boundary. to keep these messaging devices for quick convos.

I am going to start also asking for people’s REAL email and get away from FB messaging. I wish I could shut the damn thing off. Twitter DM too. These tools were intended for quick messaging and chatting, not debates and business.

Do yourself and your business a favor…pick up the phone.

It will be good for you and the other person to hear tone and inflection as well as being able to resolve things a lot quicker when you don’t have to type to explain. It is also known facts that in person or phone calls helps us to bond better with the one we are talking to. Business or otherwise, connecting and bonding with another can help business relationship, personal relationships and help you both feel much better.

Remember that old phone commercial

“Reach out and touch someone”

well if you text instead of call you may end up wanting to

“Reach out and SMACK someone”

by the time you are done texting or messaging.

Until next time,

Trisha Trixie


UPDATED: Tips and Tricks (with added info for Realtors)

Trixies Tips

Along my journey to this success of mine I have been asked over and over again

“How did you get here?”


Which I follow up with

“How much time do you have?


In a former life for about 10 years I was a Web and Social Media Strategist. I loved doing it and learned a lot of valuable information along the way. As I left that life and went on to other things, those tools stayed with me and the knowledge that I gained not only helped me in MY business, but has allowed me to help others on their path to success as well.


Here are a few tips and tricks I would like to share with you for now…


  • Buffer This is similar to Hootsuite but IMHO (in my humble opinion) WAY better. Buffer has already done all the research to know how many algorithms one needs to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media so you don’t have to worry about it. I love how easy it is and how friendly the team is. If you need anything, they all take care of you and I mean right away! Which is awesome. Speaking of Awesome, they have an Awesome Plan once you decide to break free from the FREE plan. This is great for Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Non Profits and anyone who is currently a “One Man/woman Band”
  • Pablo by Buffer is my next rocketfire tool I love and adore. I am a Motivational Speaker as well as a “few” other skills I have and perform and so with this skill and Motivational Speaking and Empowerment session, using pictures for Twitter and Pinterest, pictures are an essential tool I have found for engaging users and helping with my Conversion Rate and to gain Followers. I would swear by this tool for anyone who wants to take the next step in their business.
  • Communit is great tool to help you mange your Twitter account. It keep track of who follows you, comments, retweets and basically anyone who engages with you. Then it helps you to prewrite your Thank Yous and Tweets to those people and acknowledges those new followers on Follow Friday. Again this is a FREE option but you can upgrade to a paid plan to allow more connection.
  • Canva Think Canvas with out the S. Consider it a series of pre-done designs ready for you in your personal and business life. Guy Kawasaki is the Evangelist for this great site! WE have even chatted via Twitter (which was way cool) and I love the fact that he took into account the things that I needed as an Entrepreneur and planning a wedding. I asked for Info-graphics, I got info-graphics. I love that! I love the response from him and other Customer Service requests that seem to streamline with my life personal and professional as I need it.
  • WordPress By now I assume you have heard of WordPress. One BIG things I love about WordPress is that it is free. When I was in Web and Social Media Strategy I ALWAYS turned my clients to this method first. Pay for a domain on Go Daddy then go to your dashboard and then Forward with Masking to your WordPress site. This saves you dollars and cents of Monthly hosting fees that are generally unwanted and unneeded. I have hosted a variety of sites on other platforms and always come back to WordPress. Free themes, Tutorials, and Easy to Use interface.
  • Go Daddy I buy and manage all my Domains through Go Daddy. They have 24/7 customer service and if you WANT, you can have them design the website for you, use one of those, or do as I said above and forward your domain to WordPress.
  • Meetup Recently I just moved to Denver and ironically this is one of the most used Networking Sites I have found. In Iowa and before when I was in California, I barely remember anyone using this. Here, EVERYONE seems to use this. I think some haven’t’ quite got the grasp on it and how great it is, but I see this taking off for more and more others in the industry. It is great as a New Kid in Town or to find Chamber meetings and even more so, in my world, Startup and Entrepreneur meetings. In addition to finding and connecting with other Women Who StartUp.
  • 123Print I use 123Print for all my Stationary Needs as Much as I can. If they don’t have it I go to BuildASign which I will talk about next. 123 has shown me superior quality and superior customer service. I never hear what others hear from using another brand. I NEVER want people to say “Or this is a __ card” and know where I got them. I will tell them however, your card should speak for you, not where or what company you used to get them.
  • BuildASign I use this company for all my Banners, Car Magnets and Bumper Stickers. The more you order the better deal you get, as like with others, but they have even called me to tell me my design is off center and wrong and a desire to help fix it. Other copies just sent you crappy quality and don’t care. I now have two banners by them and two sets of car signs. I order one bumper sticker first to make sure it is what I want, and then I order away with the rest once decided.
  • PicMonkey If you are making or using pictures in anything you do, motivational quotes or even for a LinkedIn picture, this is a great tool to update it, add features and have some fun with photos.
  • Portrait Professional For a more professional look and higher class of editing, consider this tool. It really makes those pictures on LinkedIn pop! (hee hee Graphic Designers hate that word)


  • Hire a Graphic Designer Do yourself a favor and spend the money to hire a Graphic Designer. You can use a College Intern perhaps in the beginning, but if you are serious about your work, your brand, your company, pay the money for the good one. Make sure your agreement with them allows you to obtain or have the EPS files as well as PDFs and JPEGs so that you can use that collateral for your cards, social media etc. The eEPS gives you the reign to change Designers later on if needed.
  • Interns I have leveraged the use of Interns in MANY of my businesses. For one thing, many times you don’t have to pay them. They need hours, you need help. that IS their pay. No matter what your need, I am sure there is a college or high school that has an intern twitching to get their hands into work, experience, and knowledge from a professional. Call or email high schools or interns in your area and find one that works for you.

For Realtors:

This past year we were selling our house in Iowa because we had moved to Denver. I was amazed at how “little” the Realtors utilized Social Media to sell the clients homes, such as my own. With all these tools and advances in technology and yet my house sat and sat with no showings. Taking matters into my own hands to assist, I grabbed the link and picture off the REaltors website and added it to my I set it to Add to Queue and had it go across my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and even my Facebook Business Pages (though they had nothing to do with Realty)

Ironically, I noticed, every time one of my buffered posts would launch, my realtor would contact us for a showing. So then I started setting multiple posts. I had one going to Zillow, I had one going to her Berkshire Hathaway link, I had one going to her Facebook Page. I set them all to Queue. You can schedule posts, but since Buffer already knows the algorithms and the amount of times a post needs to be posted across social media, I just

“Set it and Forget It”

That’s my little thing I say when I do it, but I know it works. It’s a great reminder of what to do.

The next thing I knew, I had people sharing my posts without asking (which is great because more shares mean more people see the House for Sale), others would comment or ask questions and we had way more showings than before.


Though we still had other issues that you often dealing with selling a house, such as our asking price was too high, it was a newer house in an older neighborhood and it just wasn’t the right season. Regardless, I kept the buffered posts going.


When all the buffered posts were empty (Buffer lets you know) Then I would go back into my old ones through Buffer and then just reset them all again.


I would tell all realtors that the #1 tool they need in their arsenl is


SECOND, I love It offers you FRee hosting and for startups, people beginning businesses or just starting out Realtors, I would say this is the best to start with.


Here is my Formula:


Go to and type in a anem for your site (leave off the extension)

Just pick a simple theme and add a little or a lot of content (I like to add the About Us, and any main info. A few pictures and maybe one extra page , depending on my client so when I choose other themes in WordPress I can see how they will look. You can add the rest later)


Go to (They have the best customer service in my opinion) and buy a domain name for yourself. They always are running specials and honestly it doesn’t matter anymore if the extension of your site is .com, .net, or other. Just get one. A year is usually cheaper, sometimes two. Don’t worry about getting all the other site names it suggests. Just get the one you want.


Then go into Domain Manager and Forward with Masking. (CAll customer Service or hire a Web person to help you or pay them to do but Godaddy has free customer service so why would you)


Forward with masking to the URL of the wordpress you just created.Enter in the Title you want others to see when they go to your page.

Add Description.

Add Keywords. These are the words others would most likely use to find you. Then add some extra keywords for the type of client you want to reach, i.e divorced, single, family dwelling, New, etc.

For ideas you could google “Keywords used on Realtor or Broker sites” and you will find some examples.

Then hit save and in an hour or less, the domain name you bough on GoDAddy will forward to the WordPress site you created. And using the Masking, no one seeing your site knows the wiser.


Now for those of you ready to step into the big leagues, ignore the above or move your data when ready to a site MADE for Realtors, by Realtors….called…


Ubertor pulls Mls listings, had Google tracking, and so much more for Realtors and those in that line of business.


If you have the money and you can justify the expense, start with Ubertor. But if you can’t start with the above.


These few steps will really help launch and grow your business.


If you are not on Social Media, get there.


As sellers in any biz we want to be where the people are and the people are on Social Media. Stop wasting your time knocking on doors and one off things and do the best steps for your biz.


Get a Website

Get on Social Media,

Get on Ubertor if you can.

Use Buffer to post your info AND your homes you are selling or brokering.

Then you will have the time to do the networking and lunches and other things that help your business.


Doing these things for me is like having a Virtual Assistant.


When you are a one woman show like me and like most of you men and women, these tools will help your life.


And if it seems too cumbersome and overwhelming, you can always hire a Social Media guru.


Here are some suggestions for that:


Darrel Stern Stern Storming

David Gardner

Steven Held


Tips, Tricks and Tools by Social Media Guru for Trisha Trixie and Company




*Disclaimer I no longer am a Web and Social Media Strategist, however from my past experiences and successes with this and other Social Media and Web info, I am happy to share my knowledge. To hire a Social Media or Web Person, please contact one of the above and tell them proudly… TRIXIE SENT ME!!” *


To connect with me you can find me online go to


and all my Online and Social Media Connections are on there or you can reach me at…


As seen in

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Top Tips and Tricks for FB

Top Tips and Tricks for FB

Catapult Your Business

Are you ready to catapult your business, then you might want to check this out!

This is a great resource to log into, give them the required information and Jump Start your business to the next level!

Give it a whirl. What else have you got to lose?

Awards Do Not Define You or Your Brand

What do you do when you’re NOT chosen for the 40 under Forty? Or if you didn’t get recognition in your community or network? What do you do when you DON’T win any awards? What do you do, when you DON’T get get the recognition you desire and maybe even deserve? How do feel?

Well, first, do you even want an award or recognition? If no, then don’t worry about it. Maybe you don’t care. Maybe you do, but it isn’t as important to you as your message or your passion.

Second, ask yourself if you are really doing all you can for yourself, your brand and your company to even be thought of for those awards? Are you blogging regularly? Are you submit your product or info to magazines and media? Are you reaching for the goals or sitting back and waiting for those things you desire to come to you?

Are you building your brand to get awards? Well, turn around because you won’t get one that way. Are you speaking at events and things to get noticed? Well, guess what, the opposite will happen.

Nothing happens without the work.

However, there are times when you honestly and truly doing all you can and no one, no company, no group gives you one of those lofty awards, or titles to add to your name to fame.

Does that make your brand LESS of a brand? Does that make YOU less of a person? The answer is a resounding NO!

Many times we get caught up in the comparative trap. We see someone else getting an award and we feel inadequate. Yet, however, when we step back and take another look we might realize, that we didn’t even really want it, until someone else got it and we didn’t.

I remember a story my friend Scott told me about his little girl who was in a toddler pageant. She smiled and oohed and ahhhed the judges and crowd. Everyone loved her. The next set of toddlers came up and did their thing too. Then the judges handed out awards. When she saw other little girls got awards but she didn’t her father said “Honey, that isn’t even your age group. You weren’t even available for that award.”

The moral of the toddler story is that sometimes we are upset about not getting recognition but we weren’t even in the same classification or at times, didn’t even perform to get one!!

Lastly, I want you to understand that for one thing, you don’t get an award by wanting an award. You don’t get recognition by wanting it. They don’t just land in your lap.

Like I said before, Nothing happens without the work.

Added to that however, is, even if you work hard and strive far and are diligent and determined and have a strong brand, a good Twitter Following, and a Great Online and Social Media presence, none of those things will get you recognition.

You may NEVER get that recognition.

Some people get that because of WHO they know, maybe they go to Every Social Outing in town, maybe they have been in the business longer than you. Maybe, out of all the talent in the area, maybe you just fell under the radar.

It happens.

What I want to impress upon is is that none of that matters.

Be who you are because you are being real, authentic and unique. Build your brand they way YOU want to, not because you are trying to get noticed. Share your story, your thoughts, your ideas, because you want to enrich or help the lives of others.

Ask yourself…Why do I do the things I do?

I will bet it is out of a passion or love for what you are trying to build or share.

Stay on that path.

Worry less about the others who are in the limelight.

Be the best you, that you can be.

Build the best brand you can.

Be Fabulous!

Xoxo, Trisha Trixie



A great way to track this is to either give something out for each show with a sticker or label that says what show it is for and then when they call, you can ask which show by looking at the item. This is called a lead.

Another great way is to get address labels and print about 25 at least for each show with the SHOW NAME on the label. Put them on your business cards and then the same thing applies. When they say they have your card, you can ask “What does the label on your card say?”. Then let’s say you did this for the Designer show it would say “Designer”. Then you could track how many sales you got from that event, venue or etc. You can label them however you want, per venue, per event it’s up to you. My business mentor has me do this so I know which venue and show to spend money on in the coming months and years. If you can track success per venues or shows, then you know which ones to attend over and over and which ones to steer clear from.

You can also get leads by having a drawing etc. On the drawing slips, put the labels on the slips to track your leads per show or venue that way! When you get home, you can add everyone into Excel or other system for future leads.

If you see no sales or leads from a venue or show a few times, then you know not to do that show the next time. Versus if you see great sales or leads, then you can see “Well, I didn’t get any sales, but look at all the leads I got” then you can see how it balances out.

Sales “DAY OF” a show are not a god estimation for every brand. Some people have to think about spending $100 on an apron or a blanket or purse or even jewelry before they buy.

According to Ed Jones, president of Constellation Communications, there is far more gained through marketing than just adding new leads to the sales pipeline

Four components to [VENDORS] return on investment and revenue impact:

  1. New revenue development (near or long term); (Sales Day Of a Show vs Sales Long Term)
  2. Customer and partner relationship management; (Did you network with other vendors, learn new tricks, tips and trades, did you meet new people who will buy from you again)
  3. Retention and growth of current revenue, which includes profitability improvement and cost savings achieved through event-related activities; (Did any of your regular customers come see you, did you make new long term customers, did the event bring in more sales and leads for you?)
  4. Promotion value, accomplished through event activity. (Did you do things to help promote you at the show, like drawings, giveaways, engagement?)
  5. (I would like to add one here)- Engagement- As in standing up, talking to each customer, telling them about you, your brand and your sales? Were you able to engage with each and every person who came by your booth?

I added that last one as a reminder to us all that to have a truly successful show we MUST engage with the show attendees. You might have a hoarse voice at the end of the night, and may sound like a broken record, but I can tell you from experience, it really DOES make a difference to STAND UP, not hide behind the booth, and engage and talk to each and every person as much as you did the FIRST person who walks up to your booth.

I hope this helps you all out and I look forward to working with you in the future on other shows.

Hosting Your Own Vendor Show

I could go on and on and tell you all the many ways to run a show. I could tell you how I run a show. But the reality is, I don’t think anyone can truly tell you. You have to read up, get a booklet or word document and write down thoughts and ideas from things you read, videos you watch and other event planners. Eventually, you get into your own drift and mode of how YOU handle each show. Plus, there are so many ins and outs depending on what type of show you are planning.

Planning an Expo, go one way. Planning a craft show, go another and so on. Each show has it’s OWN needs, has it’s own TICKS, so it is hard to say

“Plan a show this way”

That doesn’t really work.

You have to do the work.

You have to search things out. You have to see what others are doing. You may have to watch videos. You may have to help someone else do a show to fully understand, and even then, there will be things that you still don’t know, questions you may ned to ask and so on.

All I can do is tell you a few things I do and maybe it will help you along in the right direction. From there I have found some links for you to look at. This way, I have don “some” of the legwork for you and you can click on the links and see what each of these websites have to say. I would get a notebook or have Word opened on another screen or tab and take notes as you go along.

My Vendor Shows are Showcases. I have them themed, I always have entertainment, and I generally give a little gift to each vendor. These things set me apart from the rest.

The first and foremost thing I can say is getting everything in writing or digitally signed at least. For you, for the venues, for your vendors etc. Pay your venue fee up front, so you are not hit with a blammo miscommunication like I just did on my last show. I was expecting $50 for the whole day only to find AFTER the show it was $50 an hour.


For the TOOLS:

I use Google Drive. I love it’s functionality and how it helps me keep everything organized

I mostly use Google Forms, to put my Vendor Application Online and I tell them right away it is an interest form AND a contract. Then I have them date and sign it digitally. Then forms has a response sheet they supply once people fill out the forms. I keep track of each vendor that applied on this form. This way I can see who filled out the form, what their business is, what category their business is.

Here is what I put on my form:

2015 Vendor Form

Please understand this IS an Interest form AND a Contract! Make sure to check your SPAM or JUNK Mail folder for a reply email from me within 24 hours of filling out this form. I check emails and payments every morning BEFORE NOON. I will not email you again for info or payment. If you do not fill out items on this form, I will assume you meant it to be blank. After payment, you have 24 hours to pay once I send you the link.. If you miss it because it was in your JUNK/SPAM email, then you missed out. IT IS UP TO YOU TO CHECK THOSE FOLDERS.
Once you sign and date it below you are agreeing and confirming of your interest and contract to the shows you state. You understand it is as much YOUR responsibility to SHARE the event, Invite others and PROMOTE the event as much as it is mine! It takes a village to raise a child and a village to produce a successful show!Another email will follow with payment information via Square for your CC. No checks. No Paypal. Some Debit Cards can be used as CC.

If for an upcoming show – Payment is due IMMEDIATELY for any shows you are interested in. If you are not prepared to make payment NOW, please wait to fill out the form until that time. No spots are held on word. Spots are held on payment.


If you are filling this form out as Interest ONLY, please state INTEREST IN FUTURE SHOWS and no payment will be required until notified about that show.


The information requested on this form not only helps me, but is designed to help promote YOU as well. If you do not fill out your WEB LINK, FACEBOOK PAGE, ETSY LINK OR OTHER WEB LINK, I have nothing to promote you with except your name. If that does not matter to you, then leave blank. HOWEVER, those who DO leave that information will be promoted on the EVENT page. If you leave something not filled out, I will assume you meant it to be that way.

* Required
What is your Business Name or What Brand are you Representing? *
If you own your own business list here or tell me what you are selling?
What Category is your brand? *
Please list what type of items these are or service: Makeup, Jewelery, Performer, etc..
What is YOUR name? *
Enter your First and Last Name
Contact Email where you can be reached? *
Enter your email
Contact Phone # you can be reached? *
Enter a valid phone number
What is your website url? *
Please enter the Link of your website, Etsy Link, or other link you choose?
If you have a Facebook Page, please enter link here *
Enter FB Link or none
Do you agree you are authorized representative of the exhibiting company and understand there is no refund or exchanges and agree to the terms of this form, understanding it is a contract and agree and you further understand that by signing this contract you also understand once payment has been made no refunds or retrurns are given? *
  • Yes
  • No
Which Show is this for? or is this INTEREST ONLY? *
Please state which Show you are filling this form out for so we can best get back to you
Please Type your Full Name Below and Date confirming your agreement to this Contract *
Do you have any special requests? If so, please tell me NOW, not the day of or right before the event. Thank you. *
If you need to be in a corner or against a wall, please tell me now. If you need against a wall, please tell me now. If you need other special request, please tell me now. ANY OTHER SPECIAL REQUESTS TELL ME NOW
Then they submit it. The responses go into my response folder. Under TOOLS, on the responses you can edit notifications. So then whenever someone submits a form, you get notified right then, or daily.
I like this because then I don’t have to keep watch on it or have the risk of forgetting to look. It will tell me. On the Form part, you can also change the destination teh responses go to, in the event you want them added to a set of documents or sheets you already have. The responses come through like an excel spreadsheet so it is VERY easy to manage.
I also use Google Sheets. Once I have the form responses, in that workbook, I make another tab called Leads, where I ass any leads I have like Business name or Person name, Name of business, category, email and phone number. My other tab is called Marketing. In it I have all the media places I need to send out my Press releases to or sites I need to fill out forms about my show. The third tab is called Venue Locations and this is where I keep all the info about Venues I have looked up. The date, Name of Venue, POC (Point of Contact) , Space (Sq Feet) VEndor allotment (How much can each vendor have for each location, Touchbase, the date I called or touchbased with them, and any misc info needed for that venue. I have a GROUPS tab, with all the Fb groups for Vendor leads and promotions I have in that one tab so I don’t have to go searching for it on Facebook.
Vendor Maps are done on Google Drawing. I generally go into the venue once decided and get actual pictures of the site. I take a tape measure and masking tape and mark the areas where each vendor will be. Then I take pictures of that. Then pull up tape and go to Google Drawing. First I make a drawing of the area as it is now. Just in case it is in a cafe or something where you might have to put everything back they way you found it. If you take pictures and draw up a map, it makes the next part much easier. Then I save that drawing. Copy it, then Rename it to Vendor Map (and the name of the location) Then map out your vendors. Once you have everything mapped out, send it to your vendors with a little note about it and leave room for it to be subject to change. Some vendors will see it and ask you if they can move. Believe me, it is better if they tell you that before the day of. Makes is much less of a headache.
 The other thing I like about Google Drive is the fact that you can also make folders. I have more than one business so this is nice to keep it separated. Plus anything that is under the folders anyone you are sharing the folder with, can see and view the files under it. Make it again, much less of a hassle.
I write up Press Release to send out to the media and try to get that out no more than two weeks out before the event. Too early and they won’t post it, too late is not enough time. You might research how to write press releases if you don’t know. Media outlets are VERY specific about this and want it done a certain way. They don’t just want emails. They want an email with a press release.
Two weeks out also give them time to decide if they want you to come talk on TV or on radio about your event. If you don’t like to talk, you might hire or get an unpaid intern from a college to be your PR person.
So far I have only talked about prep. Before the show kind of things.
Day of show is about getting in early, Putting up road signs (dont forget to make GOOD LOOKING road signs on poster board and markers….name of location, VEndor Show, time and address) , setting up the tables, putting up decorations( if you have any), setting out gift bags for vendors (if you want to do that) having each vendors name on the tables they are going to, or everyone has a map at the door and then they set up. Make sure in one of your original emails to the vendors to not bring more than they can put up or take down in one hour. I have had times I stand there for hours waiting for someone to pack ALL their things. You have to stay until the last vendor leaves. Then clean up your area and put things away. Say goodbye to the venue contact, then go have a drink or whatever you need to relax because after a vendor show, you will want to kick your feet up.
I am sure I am missing something and there is SO much more I could tell you. But as I said before, it all depends. It depends on a set of variables that you have to define to hold a great show.
Most of all, no matter what smile, be professional about anything or any drama that may happen. You don’t want to burn bridges if you can help it. Don’t piss off vendors. I tell my vendors they cannot leave early unless they discuss it with me, in my emails. Then if a vendor starts packing up I ask them to stay, but some are just determined to go. There is nothing you can do about that.
Remind them also in emails, success of a show is not just what amount you have sold or make that day of the show. Have cards with a label for each show to track when someone calls back, which show they got your card or info from. They can track all that in Excel or other data so then they can add sales of show, with callback sales. Sometimes shows are just about getting leads and you won’t make or get to make any sales. But what leads you get out of it, may be worth more in the long run. It is jsut a fact that sometimes people have to think about a purchase before they buy. They take your card and call you later. It happens to Direct Sales, MLM and even crafter and Designers.
As I said, I am sure I am missing something. I am always willing to help answer any questions and make this a more cohesive list and info for you.
Being a Vendor Planner is a love hate relationship.
I love the money I make. I love having a unique and different show for other vendors. I love the Press and Media things I get to do because of it. But, I hate it because vendors ca get snarky, venue locations aren’t always up front, and things often go wrong no matter how hard you try.
But all in all, it can be very rewarding and worth it.
Try your hand at it only if you are thick skinned, have a strong will, don’t let people walk all over you, and you enjoy chaos and stress. 🙂
Or if you just want to try it out. Just be ready and be prepared.
 Hopefully the links I have added with help you out…
Until next time,
XOXO Trisha Trixie

Tips for Organizing a Successful Small Vendor Show –

The Complete Guide To Vendor Event Success for Direct Sellers and Small Biz Owners 

From WAHM 

6 Basic Principles for Organizing an Art and Craft Event

Successful Vendor Event?

How to Organize a Craft Show

How can I organize a successful vendor/craft fair with 0 experience?

how to organize a craft fair?

Help! I’m organizing a vendor fair…

Organizing a Fair, Festival or Event

Here are some EVent Checklist that also may help you out

Click to access CHASSEventChecklist.pdf

Generic Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist

Items to give to your vendors

Printable Craft Show Checklist

Click to access Craft-Show-Checklist.pdf

Printable Craft Show Checklist

Trixie Tabloids: Vendor Show Lessons

“If they didn’t put it in the form, their loss. So thanks. I am sure all the other vendors I would have been able to help promote their business thank you.”

Sadly, I think not. But I DO have boundaries and I have to draw the line somewhere. This was a snippet of an email I had to recently send out to a vendor for a show I was planning. For my shows I have a Universal Form that each vendor must fill out. This is used for a myriad of things of which I will explain:

Recently I had an issue with a gal who did not give me any link at all. I asked for her link and she only gave me the NAME of her Business and told me where to go find it. I replied I did not have time for that and needed HER to give ME the link. Sadly her response was rude and disrespectful and I ended up giving her money back and removing her from the show. Which was harmful to HER not ME because she even told me she was just starting out and did not have anything on her Etsy page yet and had no Facebook page. Had she just entered her Etsy page in the link, I would not have had to go back and forth to try and chase down this information from her. We would not have had this exchange and she would have received promotion on the event page and been able to be at the show to make some money. Her loss, all the way around.

Lesson Learned: I now will no longer chase after vendors trying to get this type of information from them nor other things that might be needed. If they don’t give it to me. OH well. Their loss. I hate to be that way, but I also hate and will NOT tolerate rude or disrespectful behavior from others.  The Vendor List helps me keep track of each vendor and information to help promote them. I actually had to ask this from 4 vendors and luckily the others were obliging. But of course, there had to be one i the mix who now has ruined it for all. Lessons Learned. Thank you Universe.

Lesson Learned: I will no longer chase after payments. If they miss their 24 hour window to pay, I move on. This lesson came because I also had to chase down payments from some people and I now will no longer do that either. If they don’t pay when I send them the link, their loss. It is not my fault the email is in their spam folder and they don’t know to go check it. Lessons Learned. Thank you Universe.

So why do I need the form? Let me explain below:

  • Business Name: This helps in the event that two or more distributors from the same company ask to join my show. Since only one distributor from an MLM or DS (Multi Level Marketing/ Direct Sales) company can be at a show I have to make sure I don’t double book. With this list I can go through the list and pick the first , let’s say Younique, distributor and give them a chance for payment of the show. If that person opts out or doesn’t pay, then I go to the NEXT Younique or MLM/DS vendor, and so on.
  • Which Show: The list allows me sort my shows by the Data/Sort Range function. Since I do multiple shows, I can sort and see how many vendors I have as a running total each time I sort. Again, so I don’t over book. My upcoming shows only will fit enough for 20 Vendors. If I did not keep track somehow, I could end up booking 40 vendors for one show and then I would have no space. Which then would result in a lot of upset vendors and thus looking bad for me and my business.
  • Category: This also allows me to see each category of the vendors applying. Planners try very hard not to book too many of the same TYPE of vendor. When guests comes to these shows they expect a variety, so I wouldn’t want to end up booking all 20 as Jewelry. By seeing this category I can make sure I don’t do that.
  • Basic Info: I ask for their name, email, phone so I know who they are and so I can reach them if there are any issues. I can’t tell you how many times this has been useful. Mainly the phone, which people hate to give you. I have had to use that phone number , however, MANY times to call a vendor to ask where they were when they were late or did not show up for a show. It is also useful however, in case a payment is lost or for us to converse to answer any questions the vendor may have. This is just basic info but extremely useful and helpful.
  • Web Link, Etsy and Facebook Page: Now to the part that seems to be the one the Vendors perhaps do not understand. I ask for their website, Etsy link or other link and if they have a Facebook page to add that link as well. The purpose of this is a SERVICE I DO FOR THE VENDOR. It is to help promote them and their business. If they do not fill it out, they miss out.
  • Special Requests:  Too many times I would plan out where vendors go and the day they get there, they end up telling me they need a wall or corner space. This helps me know ahead of time so I can plan it out and give everyone what they need or as close to it as possible. Plus lately I have had a few Wheelchair requests and that is important to know, so I can make things accessible for them.
  • Signature: They  must type their name and date in teh line. Since this is an online form, when they do that is lets me know they have read and understand the rules. Of course, you still will have vendors who shrug their shoulders at you and say “I didn’t know”.

Note to Vendors: Please be considerate to Vendor Planners running a show. There is more than just finding a place and taking money. There is a lot of marketing, planning, Press releases, sending out emails to media, posting flyers, and tedious busy work as well as lots of promotion to ensure a good event, as well as other things that need to be done. Not  to mention the persons “normal” life they have to manage and run. We planners do the best we can to put on a successful show for you so that you can earn money, get sales and anything we may ask you to do in in desire to help everyone be successful.

Not that it matters, but to some it might….  I have over 40 vendors to deal with, plus those for new shows, the site to tend to, the vendor map to plan for people who asked for special requests, handle all the marketing, promotion, flyers, etc so we have good attendance, as well as MANY other tasks to handle, plus trying to sell my home, plan a wedding, plan a move, and tend to my business and a new StartUp Company. I was not mean or rude when telling the one gal, “I do not have time to go get her link” I was serious. Her response and attitude proved she does not respect another s time nor the effort it goes into planning shows.

If you want to see what it takes to plan a show, here is a Forum I found where they are discussing ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the many things that go into a show. I bet you will be shocked! CLICK HERE FOR FORUM

I do 90% of what is on that list. Some are for other types of shows like wedding or bridal or larger shows, yet still, it is alot.

 For Vendors who might be interested to know “What do I bring or How to Prepare?” I found this checklist for you to maybe help you plan a little better.

There are a lot more out there on both sides of the coin. If you want to, Google Vendor or Craft Show Checklist on the Vendor Side of thins. For Event Planners, Google Vendor or Event Planning Checklist.

Until Next Time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

When given the option Fabulous


Did you know there are different Hashtags for every day of the week? Well, I knew there were some out there for specific days I wee all the time like #HumpDay and #ThrowbackThursday but I didn’t know there were SPECIFIC ones.

As I as looking for a Hash Tag for a blog post on my Personal Blog I found this post about Days of the week Hastags

I grabbed a few I think I am going to try this year and some oldies I am brigning back.

Here are the ones I am going to give it go for:

#MusicMonday – Share some music you like

#TrixieTuesday – Where I post something on my Business Blog from me

#WishCastingWednesday – This one I am bringing back. Even though Jamie Ridler doesn’t do teh prompts anymroe, I just feel like I need to reconnect to my WishCasting

#ThrowbackThursday – Post an old pic of you or something

#ThirstyThursday – Share a drink you are having or a place you are drinking

#FridayI’minLove – Share things or sites you are in love with

#FabulousFriday – Share all things Fabulous in your life. This can be a gratitude type of post too

#Caturday – Share pics of your cats

#SwitchoffSunday – Another one I am bringing back. This is when you keep your electronic life at bay and do things like READ or Go to events or play games.

#SundayFunday – This is one I may do – It is often one where someone is posting the things they are doing for Sunday, like Reading, etc or other things I mentioned.

No matter what your Hashtags of life are, the more you use the # Sign and Tag, whatever you decide, will generate traffic to the location you are tagging it from and could be good if you are trying to generate more traffic to your business.

Until Next Time,

XOXO #TrishaTrixie

It’s Time to Spread Your Wings: If you want to be Free, You Have to Fly

You know how sometimes you surpass people in your life? It’s not like you don’t care or don’t love them anymore but you have moved on, you have grown beyond them or their ideals do not match with yours or you just realize that you are done, their purpose in your life has been fulfilled…

…well, this is how I feel about groups, E-course people and things of the like…

Sometimes, no matter how much we WANT to be connected to those groups or groups of people, we realize, we are not connecting with them or the leader anymore. They served their purpose and now it is time to move on, perhaps to another E-Course or group or perhaps onto your OWN.

It is hard, however to do, I realize, even as I sit here with a trigger finger asking myself “Am I ok with leaving this group and the people in it?” “Once I am out, I am out” I better MAKE SURE this is what I want to do….”Am I ready to spread my own wings?”

and what I came up with after careful contemplation is that “My time has past. That it IS just like moving on from people in our lives and allowing ourselves to grow and fly and spread our wings.

You have to. You just have to Spread Your Wings if you REALLY want to FLY.

I love this song from Queen that, to me, says it all…

Sammy was low
Just watching the show
Over and over again
Knew it was time
He’d made up his mind
To leave his dead life behind

Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away, far away
Spread your little wings and fly away
Fly away, far away
Pull yourself together
‘Cos you know you should do better
That’s because you’re a free man

Since he was small
Had no luck at all
Nothing came easy to him
Now it was time
He’d made up his mind
“This could be my last chance”

Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away, far away
Spread your little wings and fly away
Fly away, far away
Pull yourself together
‘Cos you know you should do better
That’s because you’re a free man

If you want to be Free, you have to Fly.

I don’t want to watch the show anymore. I don’t want to just sit back and enjoy it. I want to be IN the show. I want to be the MAIN EVENT. I want to be the name on the Marquee! I want to fly. It’s time to let go of the ledge and FLY.

It’s hard, I know.It’s scary to let go. You worry if you are doing the right thing. It is a big step to step off the ledge and put out your wings and fly. At first it does not come easy. At first flapping those wings is hard and you are flapping so hard you feel like you can barely breathe and your arms hurt and your body hurts and you think you just can’t do it anymore and then…

…all of a sudden…

…a big wind comes up under you and you take flight, your wings move freely with ease and it becomes fun, enjoyable and freeing.

You wonder to yourself “Why did I wait so long to do this? What was I so afraid of?”

You soar through the air with style and grace and when it is time to land for a break you come in with your feet firmly ready to hold on until you are ready to fly again.

This is my lesson to you today…

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings, because if you want to be free…

You have to fly…

Until Next time,

XOXO Trisha Trixie