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My intention was to write one E-Book and E-Course a month this year. However, life got in the way and now I think, while one of each is a lofty goal, I am going to attempt to at least do one E-Book a Month. If I get another E-Course in, I will add it here or you can Subscribe on my E-Book Gumroad Page to follow any new items I add!

My very FIRST E-Book! January: How to Be a PinUp Model

February: Design the Life You Desire Workbook

March: Success Tips and Tricks of a SoloPrenuer

April: Customizable Manifesto

June: Passive “Expertise” Potential WORKBOOK ONLY

JulyComing Soon (Sorry this one didn’t happen)

August:  Trixie Truth Cards (Digital Download)

Sorry, this Intention did not work out. In 2016 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. My Cancer came back in January of 2019. I have a desire to get back to this. Stay tuned.


Here is a SlideShare that I shared online and with my Toastmasters group and hope to speak to others about this as well. Be a Patient Advocate.

Be aware. Colon Cancer was not in our family and it was a fluke I got it. I had it for years and the doctors didn’t listen. By the time they found it, it was very late. I know it is uncomfortable to drink the glug to get the Colonoscopy. Think of it this way, would you rather have a day of uncomfortableness or months of Chemo? Get your Butt checked. It could save your life!

Colon Cancer Awareness W H A T D O Y O U K N O W A B O U T C O L O N C A N C E R ? I N F O   T H A T C O U L D S A V E Y O...