Falling Into Fabulous

All my life I have had one trial after another, moments and years of adversity, days and weeks of homelessness, abuse, betrayal, loss, death, rape, failure and depression. However, through it all, through help, aids, tools and mindfulness training, I have learned to overcome those issues and become FABULOUS.

In this book, I share my stories and how falling can be a good thing, a very good thing. We often look at falling as bad, but in the years where I fell the hardest, were the ones I came out the strongest.

My inspiration for this book comes from the song Be Held by Casting Crowns…

“Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place”

I say…
Your world’s not falling apart, you are falling into fabulous!

If this is you or someone you know. If you have suffered by the hands or life of abuse, rape, victimization, homelessness, loss, death, defeat, molestation, custody issues, dating traumas, running away, problems with your parents or your own children, feelings of stuck, isolation, hopelessness, defeat and despair, this book is for you.

If you are looking for a message of Overcoming, Motivation, Empowerment, Self-Help, Self-Growth, Spiritual, for women, Men, Teen, All Ages…

then come over to my BOOK WEBSITE and let’s fall into fabulous together! I share with you MY story as well as the tools to help me overcome and

Fall Into Fabulous!

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