My Legacy of Love Project

I have been through much in life. I have suffered long and hard. I have had trial after trial, adversity after adversity. After I had to battle my second bout with cancer in 2019, leaving a Legacy of Love on this Earth has become even more prevalent! I want to be impactful. I desire to leave a legacy of love. I desire to inspire. May my words leave love as a legacy imprinted upon your soul. #MyLegacyofLove

Come join my new group where I can share my love for life with you to leave my Legacy of Love in this world!

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I am me.

I am Trisha Trixie.

I have lived, I have suffered, I have overcome, I have succeeded, I have been empowered and now I desire to empower you.

Let me inspire you.

Help me to help others so that I may leave a Legacy of Love on this world.

If you desire to support my mission, you may donate here. I have a variety of Tiers, depending on what you feel in your heart to give. You choose or choose nothing. Money helps my mission but is not required.

~XOXO ~TrishaTrixie