To schedule a service with Trisha Trixie please choose from the following options…


cosmiceye_buddha_largeSprinkle Session: Energy Brushing 

A form of Energy Work, Energy Brushing is done with the hands. Starting with a meditation, you will close your eyes and allow me to call on the universe to sprinkle the energy you need  (for whatever reason). $65

candle Candle Reading 

Similar to a Psychic Reading where you ask a specific question and the answer is revealed via candle and paper. You get to keep the paper with the answer the flame of the candle revealed  as a reminder of your answer. $65


Meditate with Trixie (1)Meditate with Trixie

Do you struggle with meditation and need some guided influence? In person, or on the phone I will walk you through a guided mediation to fit your needs. $65


dhd Soul Sessions

Find out more about Soul Sessions CLICK HERE $65


Pay here for services.An email following payment will arrive to schedule session. I look forward to working with you.

 Interested in something else you don’t find listed…A Soul Session would cover just about anything else. Schedule a Soul Session today and let’s soothe your soul today!