Meetings & Conventions

I signed up for this site and newsletters because I do a lot of Tradeshows and this year a majority of my focus is on conventions and Expos. I was always told

if you want to do it like they do in the big leagues you have to think like a big leaguer.

So, I happened upon this site when I did the Home and Garden Expo this year and though it is a tad bit more robust than what I need right now, I think it is a great jumping off point for seeing how others in teh the industry higher up are doing it.

Here is the site 

I alos like this Group from LinkedIn

Party Plan Companies Networking Club

Party Plan Companies Networking Club

I am waiting to be approved by a group that I think will also help, but someone of these groups are very private so not sure if I will get in

  • TradeShowExperts


    Membership Pending
    Either way The Meetings and Conventions site I feel is well worth checking out. See what you think and if you find anything else or other Meeting and Convetion or Expo Groups and links, comment below. I would love to see what you find out. 🙂
    Until Next time,
    XoXo Trisha Trixie