The Goose and the Gander

I think the hardest lesson I have had to learn this year is that the story quote we were often told growing up does NOT apply to business. We were often told by authorities

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

However in business, people don’t always play by the rules. they sometimes don’t play by the rules they set. People do things unfairly.

People get connections they don’t deserve.

People get funded for things and you don’t.

People get to do things you don’t get to do.

People will tell you NOT to do something and then they go off and do it themselves.

People will set a rule, then break it

People think rules don’t apply to them

People are just unfair sometimes

Business is just unfair sometimes.

I really want to stomp my foot and throw my hands on my hips, tilt my back ever so slightly forward and shout “Not fair! That’s not fair!”

But since that would be silly, I just have to take it. I just have to suck it up. I just have to go on and try hard as I can not to allow those things to bother me. I have to try to not pay attention to them and what they do and how they break the rules.

So how DO you overcome without throwing a tissy fit tantrum?

Here are a few business tips that have helped me and maybe they will help you

  1. If you have to cry go outside (Kelly Coutrone’s famous line)
  2. If you have to scream do it in a pillow or go to your car
  3. Take deep breaths if need be
  4. Walk away from the situation
  5. Don’t name them or talk about them on Social Media (It will only hurt you and make you look bad)
  6. If it really bothers you, bring it to their attention. There are times when I have done this and I have dearly thanked and someone changed their course. It was a rare occurrence but it did ACTUALLY happen. Once.
  7. Rise above it
  8. Be a person of values/morals and live up to them
  9. Be the best at what YOU do so what THEY do doesn’t matter
  10. Focus on YOU. By focusing on what YOU do and how YOU react and how YOU handle your business, other will see a person of character and a business they desire to do business with