Market to Market: Oh Where Do I Market?



Many people want to know: To Market to Market, Where do I Market?


Well, here is a list of where I do some Marketing and Advertising and how to do them per their request. If you have any others to share not on this list, let me know.

Also remember many require an Actual Press Release so prepare that first. (and by the way I found out the hard way MailChimp Lists are NOTTTTTTT the way to go because then they unsubscribe AND they won’t post them or share if thye are not in Press Release format)

Remember some places require a Press Release. Prepare PR FIRST, then go down list What means required to contact Form or Email
Name of Place Link Email
Travel Iowa
Catch DSM Form
Info at Iowa Tourism Email
DM Register Form
Eat Play Love Des Moines Form
Downtown DSM Form
Dish on DSM
Weclome Home Des Moines
Life 107 Form
Iow aLiving Form
DSM Nite Out Formn
Around DSM Form
Craiglist FORM
MyAbc% Submit Story Idea or News
DSM Mag/ BPC Bus Record
Juice Sarah Day Owen
Ames Daily Tribune
Publisher Geoff Schumacher gschumacher@amestrib,com gschumacher@amestrib,com
Editor Alexandrea Hayne
Cedar Rapids Gazette-Des Moines Bureau Des Moines Bureau Chief Rod Boshart rod/
The Des Moines Register
Editor Rick Green
Senior News Director (investigative reporting) Randy Brubaker
Senior News Director (politics/state reporting) Carol Hunter
Exec. Business Editor Lynn Hicks
Senior News Director (digital/multimedia) Julia Thompson
Metro Communities Editor (metro/iowa) Kathy Bolten
Iowa Life Editor Tim Paluch
Exec. Sports Editor Bryce Miller
Iowa State Daily
Editor in Chief
The Times Delphic
Editor in Chief Lauren Horsch
Faculty Advisor Jill Van Wyke
Altoona Herald Index
Publisher  Amy Duncan
Editor Adam Wilson
Ankeny Register and Press Citizen
Publisher Amy Duncan
Editor Prggy Nichtals
Publisher/Editor Shane Goodman
Dallas County News
Editor Allison McNeal
Des Moines Business Record
Publisher Janette Larkin
Editor Chris Conetzkey
Sr. Staff Writer Joe Gandyasz
Sr. Staff Writer  Kent Darr
Staff Writer Kyle Oppenhuizen
Iowa Bystander
President, CEO, Publisher Jerald Brantley Sr.
Associate Publisher Gaynelle Narcisse
Record Herald and Indianola Tribune
Publisher Amy Duncan
Editor Adam Wilson
The Madisonian
(Norwalk) North Warren Town and County News Publisher Steve Klein  Editor Sally Huntoon
Assiociated Press
News Editor Scott McFetridge
Lee Enterprises News Bureau (Quad City Times, Mason City Globe-Gazette, Muscatine Journal, Sioux City Journal, Waterloo Courier) Bureau Chief   Mike Wiser
Radio Iowa
News Director O. Kay Henderson
Catholic Mirror (Monthly)
Editor, Anne Marie Cox
Central Iowa Business (Monthly) CEO Jim Slife
dsm  (Quarterly) Chairperson Connie Winer  Editor Christine Riccell
Greater Des Moines Intro (September and March) Publisher Connie Winer Editorial Director
Greater Des Moines Jewish Press  (bi-monthly) President Barb Hirsch Giller (only email I could find for them)
Iowa Gardening (Quarterly)
CEO  Jim Sife      Managing Editor Beth Wilson
Iowa Golf Magazine (Seasonal) CEO Jim Slife
President/ Publisher Rick Thomas
The Iowan (Bi-Monthly)
Editor Beth Wilson
DBStv Ch.16-46 Drake University
KCCI Ch. 8 – CBS
Assignment Editor Tom Torpy
General Manager Paul Frederickssen
News Director Dave Busiek
Asst. Program Director Sue Knudson
KCWI Ch. 23-CW
General Manager Ted Stephens
General Manager Daniel Miller
Director of Administration Kristine Houston
General Manager Mike Wilson
Business Manager Marsha Theis
WHO Ch. 13 – NBC
General Manager Dale Woods
News Director Rob Peterson
ABC 5 (formally WOI tv 5)
Vice President and General Manager Russ Hamilton
News Director  Scott Frederick
KASI 1430 AM (Talk Radio)
General Manager Joel McCrea
News Director Trent Rice
KAZR Lazer 103.3 FM (Active Rock)
Program Director Ryan Patrick
News Director Kate Garner
KBGG 1700 AM (Spanish) Program Director RW Smith
KCCQ Channel Q 105.1 FM (Adult Alternative)
Program Manager Greg Chance
KDFR 91.3 FM/89.1 FM Ames (Inspirational)
Operations Manager Larry Vavroch
KDRB The Bus 100.3
Program Manager Greg Chance,
KHKI  The Hawk 97.3 FM(Country)
Operations Manager Jack O’Brien
KGGO 94.9 The Rock That Rocks (Classic Rock)
Operations Manager Steve Brill
KIOA 93.3 FM (Oldies)
Program Director Tim Fox
News Director Pam Dixon
DSM Planner Guide
KISS 107.3 FM (top 40)
Program Director, Greg Chance
KJJY 92.5  (country)
Program Director Andy Elliot
KLTI  Lite 104.1 FM (Soft adult contemperary)
Operations Manager/Program Director Scott Allen
News Director Kate Garner
KPSZ Praise 940 AM  (Christian)
General Manager Jeff Delvaux
KUNI 101.7 FM
Bureau Chief Jeneane Becl
News Director Jonathan Ahl
KRNT 1350 AM (Nostalgia)
Program Director Chris Chandler
KSTZ Star 102.5 FM (Hot Adult Contemporary)
Operations Manager Program Director Scott Allen
KWKY New Life 1150 AM (Christian Talk)
Executive Director Mike Peters
KXNO 1460 AM (Sports Talk)
Program Director Van Harden
News Director Jim Boyd
WHO 1040 AM (News Talk)
News Director Jim Boyd
Program Director Van Harden
WOI 90.1  FM 640 AM (News Talk)
News Director Jonathan Ahl
News Room
Iowa Politics (non partisan)
Business Cheif Lynn Campbell
Silicon Prarie News
Fairs and Events


Working with venues I have found to be of a challenging nature already. I am learning hard and fast lessons about it that I just had to share with you.

Every venue has their cost and I am learning that you get what you pay for.

Here are the first set of basics I think you have to ask yourself:

  • Understand first of all why you are doing this. Why are you planning your event? Why are going to go through all of this? If you understand that then it will make all the chaos afterward worth it. Fund raiser? Raise awareness? Bring talent together?
  • Who is going to come to these events? Who are the attendees?
  • Budget of the event? What are you willing to spend?
  • What are you trying to earn?
  • How to make the event different, Unique, not like all the rest, not like the others, not like the rest of your competition or the rest of the town
  • Who is going to be doing what? Are you doing it all? Are you going to have help? Are you delegating to others? Are you hiring out?
  • How are you going to promote it?

To me, these are my Make Sures: You know…make sure you….and other info…

  • Make sure you know what is included in the cost when looking for venues
  • Make sure you know if they are going to let you set up the night before
  • Make sure you know if even if you do get to set up the night before if your set up will be secure the night before as mine was ravaged and I had re set it back up anyway
  • Make sure electrical is covered in the cost and if not what is the cost per each vendor use
  • Check other events in the area to make sure you are not competing with other markets such as yours. This can be daunting since you could check and then right before your event someone could plan something you have no control over.
  • Make sure you do lots of advertising and marketing to promote for your event
  • Make sure to post lots of signs as the establishment may not have good sign age (as my establishment did not)
  • Make sure to set your pricing for the vendors so that you do more than break even. Divide the cost of the event venue by the cost of the table fee you are planning on charging. Then double that fee for cost or double that by tables. If you don’t you will do a lot of work for nothing.
  • Make sure to plan to have food at your event. Either have food vendors or have concessions. Some venues have concessions that you can have at the events but if they don’t have such things look for vendors who sell food.
  • If you are not planning food like this perhaps plan on having a few people bring some pot luck items in the kitchen so people are able to eat.
  • Make sure to check the wifi status of the venue when you get there to scope it out. Make sure you have it. Check the strength, etc. Nowadays with everyone having swipes and squares without WIFI having these shows is useless.
  • Make sure to Plan out a map of your event of where each vendor is located. This helps you as well as guests know where to place people. However, for me I had people all placed and then people canceled. Then people wanted to move and I neglected to check who they wanted to move across from and found as I was walking by that they were across from their competitors. Not good.
  • Make sure to Remember you can only do the best you can. Don’t beat yourself up.
  • Consider a theme and decorations. This will help bring everything together but it is not mandatory.
  • Plan your event a month at least ahead of time.
  • Go see the venue and check everything out.
  • Measure the spaces fit the venue.
  • Make sure there is enough tables, electrical outlets etc if that is needed. I made the mistake of taking the venues word for it only to find out two days ahead that there were not and then we were scrambling.
  • As well, the event venue thought I would show up on day of to do everything and if I had we would NOT have had enough tables or outlets as they had ripped all the outlets out.
  • Try to have fun raffles. Ask vendors to donate items to the raffle but make sure they understand it is Not mandatory. It cost each vendor to do these things so it is up to them. However it helps market their brand so it benefits them in the long run.
  • Have entertainment or something fun going on. This makes it more fun for the vendors and the attendees.
  • Try Not to plan everything yourself. Sure sage words if yo can do that. However, I am one business and one person. I would love to have help and ask many people with no response. I get annoyed and irritated if I keep asking and no one is willing to help. If you can get help, that is great. If you want to plan it yourself, if you think you can do it yourself go ahead. But be-warned, it is a LOT of work. At some point you WILL need help. In the end, I had helpers with the raffles, tables, chairs, set up and take down and a few various things here and there. For the future I am trying to offer rewards to those who bring in sales for future events.
  • Don’t assume your guests will enjoy the event and just love how you did everything. On the flip side actually. I figured the vendors hated how I arranged it, I figured the guests didn’t arrive because I did something wrong. I figured all the opposite. But then I told myself, I did my best because I did. In the end, that is all you can do.

for tools…

I found Google Docs and Google Drive and Google Forms to be the best tools to use.

I used and created a Google Form for everyone to fill out. I asked all the questions I needed and used this as my interest form AND contract. At the end they need to sign and Date it. Once they have done that it goes into a Google Database that is connected to my gmail. I set a notification that alerted me when anything was changed or updated so I could stay on top of it. This is also how I made sure I did not duplicate vendors. This went to Google Drive and saved it into a Google Spreadsheet. I created extra tabs for the three events I am hosting. I copied the information into those sheets so I knew who would be at each even and who needed tables, electrical, and who had an had not paid. I also kept track of who I had contacted, how many times and when I had given them a final warning. I highlighted their name in green and marked PAID when paid. I marked in RED once I had given final warning after three times and had not heard.

After I get their info I email them with info to my Square account info for a payment I created. They can pay me via Square and it is all secure. It send them a confirmation and then I also see it and sent them a separate confirmation. This is how I keep track.

In the Google Spreadsheet I also have separate tabs of Vendors, Venues, Performers, FB Groups I promote to, Other Places I promote to, and other leads. I can also share this with my team to help me keep track of everything.

In the end, no matter what you do, you can’t make people show up. You can be the best at advertising, marketing, and make sure everything is perfect and then the weather craps out on you and no one wants to go out or the weather is great and no one wants to shop. Either way it is up to the people. They are either going to come to your event or their not.

Do your best. Use what works for you. Enjoy it. If you hate it, I would say Event Planning is not for you. It can be stressful.It can be a delight. It can also make you want to never do it again.

My fiancée’ made me laugh this morning when he said, “Handling vendors for events is like handling kids. They either are happy or their not. You can’t please them all. You just have to do your best and someone is always going to yell that someone is touching them!” LOL