Trixie Truth Cards

Trixie Truth Cards- Digital Download ONLY

Far too often we tell ourselves lies that we have taken on as truths. Lies that others have told us. Lies that we have told ourselves. Yet, within us are fabulous truths about love, integrity, kindness and how fabulous we really are. Enjoy these 30 days of fabulous truths. Use them in a row, as Oracle cards, or whenever needed. Post them where you can see them. These are truths that Trisha Trixie has put together for you. Cherish them. Honor them. Make them yours. Above all, always remember…Be Fabulous! Click Here to get Truth Cards 


Hear what people said about Trixie Truths

The 30 days of Truths really helped me through my days. My month in September was particularly challenging on many personal fronts, and I usually opened up my Truths in the mornings before work. Each day something would come up either at work or at home where the truth would whisper in my ear to let me know I was going to be okay. I still flip through them into the month of October, knowing that one of them when I am facing a challenge, that one of those truths is something that I need to hear. The one I cling to the most is that I cannot do it all. I have stared at that several times, and used this time to figure out what I can do, and when I can do it.~Annie Ale, Iowa

30 Days Of Trixie Truths have served as empowering mantras, simple realities boiled down to one or two sentences that remind the reader to take a step back from their regular daily grind and take stock of some aspect of their life and daily routine. Far better than motivational posters and memes, these reach out to you and allow you to adjust your outlook and your relationships.~Schuyler Corson, Iowa